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Katinshuell as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Rael citizen
Race Norman
Main Weapon Knife[3]
First Appearance Episode 11 (Ragnarok Online)

Katinshuell is a former Lighthalzen security guard who once patrolled the border between the rich and poor sectors of the city.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, an order from the higher ups came for him to take care of a rich citizen who was planning to travel to the slums. He didn't want to have to kill the younger man, but orders were orders.

After the gruesome task was done, Katinshuell was beside himself with guilt and moved to Rael in hopes of forgetting what he had done. It was there he met Bruspetti Shendar and the two of them fell in love. During the time they were together, Katinshuell refused to divulge information about his past to her, which caused her to go behind his back to learn more about him.

Katinshuell agrees to meet Bruspetti at Freyja's Spring where she confronts him with the rich man murder that occurred in Lighthalzen. Hesitantly, Katinshuell confesses his crime to Bruspetti, who was so shocked that she threw herself into the spring and drowned herself.

Overwhelmed with the guilt of having murdered the rich man and indirectly causing the death of the one he loves, Katinshuell now lives in Rael in anguished solitude.

Some time later, an adventurer enters his home and begins asking him about Bruspetti. This investigation prompts him to try to sneak into Mister Shendar's house in an effort to obtain Bruspetti's Diary to know how she really felt about him. Instead, the diary ends up in the hands of the adventurer who confronts him about the murder in Lighthalzen. He admits to having killed Alexander Digotz and becomes angry at the adventurer for forcing him to face his past once again.[1]

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