Katrin Wigner

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Katrin Wigner
RO KatrinWigner.png
Katrin's dialogue image in RO.
Gender Female
Job Class Princess
Race Norman
Family Louviere Wigner (father)
Catherine Wigner (mother)
Jurgen Wigner (brother)
Isaac Wigner (younger brother)
First Appearance Episode 16 (Ragnarok Online)

Katrin Wigner is the first daughter of the Wigner family and sister of Jurgen Wigner. She is very by-the-book and acts like a second mother to her brothers Jurgen and Isaac.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Katrin is introduced to the invited adventurer by her brother Jurgen in their Prontera palace villa. She quickly corrects him, saying that he should've referred to her as the first daughter of the Wigner house instead of his sister. Isaac expresses that the adventurer must be troubled to have to visit such a boring family as theirs, to which Katrin is quick to chastise him for making both her and Jurgen look bad in front of the adventurer. Isaac counters that it was simply a joke to lighten the dreary atmosphere. Katrin still doesn't think it's funny and apologizes to the adventurer for Isaac's poor humor. Jurgen changes the subject and exclaims that he wants to go home as soon as they can as he finds the palace villa small and restricting. Katrin then turns her attention to Jurgen for insulting the Royal Assembly with his selfish desires. Seeing that she was powerless to do anything about her hopeless brothers, Katrin encourages the adventurer to have tea with their parents as they would love to hear the adventurer's stories.

While the adventurer was talking with Louviere Wigner and Catherine Wigner, Katrin cries out in distress after being unable to locate her jewelry box. Jurgen tries to calm her down and ask her if she was sure if it was indeed missing. Katrin swears that she put it down on a nightstand after talking to the adventurer earlier. The adventurer inquires about the box and Katrin explains that she had lost a jewelry box that contained something important to her. She had taken it out of her bag and placed it on the nightstand before it disappeared out of nowhere. She becomes distraught at the thought that someone has taken it. Jurgen suspects it could be the maid that came into the room to clean it earlier, but Katrin promptly chastises him for being so quick to accuse someone of theft. The adventurer agrees that they should at least ask the maid even if she is not suspicious. Katrin pleads with the adventurer to not interrogate the maid as she doesn't want the maid to become upset at being suspected. Jurgen reasons that if the jewelry box is that important to her, then they have no choice but to inquire the only other person that might have seen it. The adventurer promises to be as polite to the maid as possible, but Katrin still doesn't feel very good about doing it. Jurgen implores Katrin to trust the adventurer and Katrin reluctantly agrees, although she hopes to find it herself and decides to search other places.

Katrin returns some time later in time to overhear Jurgen talking about her with the the adventurer and demands to know why she should care about people that don't know her very well. She asks Jurgen if it's her fault that people spread unsavory rumors about her and Jurgen responds that she is partly to blame for her reputation being the way it is. Katrin doubts that people like Jurgen for his attitude and reminds him about the trouble he caused during the previous Royal Assembly because of his narcissistic attitude. Jurgen becomes confused at why people adore him if it was not his personality that they liked. Katrin tells him to take a guess and Jurgen correctly assumes it's because of his looks. Katrin then begins railing about how everyone always treat him well despite his bad attitude because of how handsome he looks. Jurgen counters back that it's not like he wanted people to judge him by his looks and Katrin expresses how she has always been compared to her handsome brother, even when she hasn't done anything wrong. Jurgen emphasizes that it's imperative that she opens up and talk to other people so she could also be well-liked, but Katrin believes being silent is better because silence doesn't cause issues. Jurgen then points out that mentality is what caused the bad rumors about her to circulate. In frustration, Katrin exclaims that she's already doing her best and the adventurer tries to calm the both of them down.

Just then, Isaac appears and says that Jurgen and Katrin were arguing so loudly that he could hear them outside down the hall. He reminds the both of them that they have a reputation to maintain as representatives of the Wigner family, pointedly telling Jurgen that he's already lost the throne so he shouldn't make things worse. He then presents Katrin's jewelry box to her, explaining that he had taken it because there were too many people in the room and he didn't want it to get lost. Katrin then chastises him for taking the box without telling her, to which Isaac thought it unfair for her to punish him when he took the box for her sake. If their parents—especially their father—found out that Katrin had lost her jewelry box, Katrin would be scolded for it and Isaac didn't want that to happen. Jurgen asks Katrin what was in the box that was so important and Katrin reveals that she keeps personal notes in the box like a diary. She feels that it's the only way for her to express herself in her silence, but realizes that it hasn't done much good for her. She then excuses herself and leaves with her jewelry box.

Some time later, Isaac calls Katrin over and the three Wigner siblings resolve their differences with each other. With their relationship mended, they give their thanks to the adventurer and offer to help him/her any way they can in the future.[2]

Katrin later appears at the Ritual of Blessing with the rest of her family. The ritual begins with Kronecker leading everyone to chant their blessings upon the chosen candidate Peter Heine.

On behalf of the seven royal families supporting Rune-Midgarts
Here is the new appointed representative
May the blessing starlight reach the glory of the earth
Please allow the power from the source to be granted for all beings
The courage to charge forward and strike the enemy
The heart to embrace everything in this world
The strong will to protect everything within reach
The intact pride of justice and faith that never bends no matter what
The virtue of looking up to others with a humble mind
And the wisdom to see the truth

Before the ritual could complete, an intruder appears and strikes down Peter. The intruder elaborates that he heard that a piece Ymir's Heart was hidden in the Room of Consciousness, but it turned out to be a fake. The adventurer and the royal families attempt to approach the intruder, but the intruder threatens that if they take another step he will destroy the fake Heart of Ymir. Kronecker is surprised that the Heart of Ymir is fake, which causes the intruder to realize that none of the royal families know where the real one is hidden if they were ignorantly carrying out the ritual with a fake. The intruder is frustrated that he wasted his time with a fake and decides to leave without causing more of a scene. However, he quickly backtracks on his word and destroys the fake Heart of Ymir. The royal families are then accosted by more intruders, but they are able to fend them off with the help of the adventurer. The intruders disappear and the royal families evacuate the ritual hall.[3]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Katrin: "I am already doing my best! You know what? The darkest shadow is always right next to the brightest light! It is just like me being next to you!"

Katrin: "It is better to avoid futile conversations. If you don't talk, you don't make mistakes. However, there are times when you should be honest with yourself. This diary captures the moments when I want to be true to myself. Nevertheless, I am still misunderstood by others even though I stay quiet. I guess silence has not been the best policy after all."

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