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RO Kidd.png
Kidd's dialogue image in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Assassin Cross
Race Norman
Main Weapon daggers
First Appearance Episode 11 (Ragnarok Online)
What?... I've got nothing to say to you. You wanna be social then go somewhere else.
~ Kidd

Kidd is the Assassin Cross who was put in charge of helping a Dandelion Representative track down a kidnapper. He initially comes off as having a cold attitude, but reveals a more Norman side in time.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Kidd's sprite as seen in-game.

Kidd is ordered by commanding officer Valdes to hunt down Raiyan Moore, who had kidnapped children from the Dandelion Organization's daycare. He is assigned an adventurer to assist him on his mission.

His first course of action was to investigate the Juno library after hearing that Raiyan was researching something there. His adventurer partner arrive only to find that someone had already taken the documents they were looking for. The adventurer is despondent at the scraps left behind, but Kidd assures that any piece of paper they can get may be a clue to finding Raiyan. They find something concerning the elements surrounding Morocc and return to the Morocc bar to speak with the Dandelion Representative.

Kidd decides to ask the local historian (Rodafrian) about the elements while the adventurer went about stabilizing them. However, upon brandishing his dagger at the historian, the poor man became frightened and refused to see him. Kidd tries to assure the historian that he meant no harm, but the historian would not listen. Disappointed, he returns to the Morocc bar and tells the Dandelion Representative what happened. Once he was done, his adventurer partner reports the success of stabilizing the elemental crests. Seeing his chance, Kidd asks the adventurer to talk to the historian in his place.

Once the adventurer returns to the bar, Kidd asks about the historian. After hearing the adventurer's report, Kidd asks the adventurer to investigate Thanatos Tower to find evidence of Surt's existence. When he hears the proof from the adventurer, Kidd becomes anxious to find the children before something bad happened to them. At that time, the bartender Litheron tells Kidd that the person that his fellow Assassin Rin was protecting wore the same outfit as the Dandelion Representative. Kidd slowly realizes that the person Rin is protecting is his target and goes to question his commanding officer Valdes.

Valdes reveals that he had his suspicions but accepted both missions regardless as they were involved with finding the missing children. Kidd is doubly worried upon hearing this and heads to the room where Mr. R. is supposed to be, only to find an empty room. A loud voice rings throughout the area and Valdes orders Kidd and the adventurer to find the source of the voice and stop it. Kidd and the adventurer rush off towards the Morocc castle.

Inside, Kidd finds Rin and reveals the true identity of the man she was supposed to protect. Just then, Mr. R shows himself as Raiyan and tries to sacrifice Rin for the ritual. Fortunately, Kidd was fast enough to save Rin from her fate. Raiyan then summons demons to cover his escape, which ends up wounding Kidd's adventurer. Members of the Assassins Guild arrive just in time and Kidd helps the adventurer to safety.

Once it was all over, Kidd, Rin, Valdes, and the hired adventurers meet back at the Morocc bar where it all started. Kidd tells Rin to not blame herself for allowing Raiyan to get away, but his fellow Assassin Cross would not hear of it and storms off to look for her new target. Valdes rewards the adventurers for their hard work and sends Kidd on another mission to Prontera.[1]

It was there in Prontera where Kidd meets Captain Echinacea of the United Midgard Alliance who requests his aid in tracking down Surt in the Ash Vacuum after the jotunn tore open a Dimensional Gap. Despite the distance, Kidd was to maintain a chronological Morocc Trace Log with Rin in Midgard along with Echinacea. A short time after he arrived in the United Midgard Alliance camp, Kidd lost contact with Rin. An adventurer is later assigned to him as his assistant and so Kidd sends the adventurer back to Midgard to find out why Rin hasn't been responding to his reports. The adventurer later returns with a Bloody Crystal of Darkness and the updated Morocc Trace Log that Rin wrote in herself.

While Kidd looked over the report, he notices his adventurer starting to act funny towards the crystal he/she brought. His curiosity quickly turns to panic upon seeing the adventurer being sucked into the space gap after touching the crystal. Some time passes before the adventurer reappears again, this time with a Sealed Scroll. The adventurer reports what he/she saw in the time gap, causing Kidd to suspect that perhaps the space gap had the ability to distort both space AND time. He then looks over the scroll the adventurer had and notes that it is a typical magic scroll that allows non-magic users to be able to cast magic spells. Kidd then refers the adventurer to Echinacea to find out which scholar in the Alliance camp knows how to open it. The adventurer returns with the Unsealed Magic Spell, which reveals itself to be a teleportation scroll that will take its user to a certain area. Kidd sees that this scroll's location could be a trap, but there was no one else he could send to check it out. He reluctantly requests the adventurer to use the scroll and find out where Raiyan and the Dandelion Organization's hideout was.

Some time later, the adventurer comes back to Kidd with news that the Dandelion members were in discontent with Raiyan and that a fight broke out shortly after. Kidd asks the adventurer to go back to the hideout to find out more and that he will meet up with the adventurer there soon.

Kidd later makes his way to the Juno area where the abandoned church was and arrives just in time to stop Raiyan from trying to dispatch his adventurer assistant. He sees that Raiyan is unstable and tells the adventurer to meet back to the Alliance camp while he arrests Raiyan. (This is the very first time Kidd has a good look at Raiyan's face as Raiyan's face was covered in previous encounters.) He takes Raiyan to the assassins pub in Morocc where he was to be interrogated by Rin herself. He then meets up with the adventurer back in the Ash Vacuum and tells the adventurer that he's not entirely convinced that the man he caught was really Raiyan Moore. Kidd gives the Bloody Crystal of Darkness back to the adventurer and goes on to say that the adventurer should hold on to the crystal as he doesn't believe that the crystal can do anything else after having sent the adventurer to the past and back. He adds his notes to the Morocc Trace Log, which he tells the adventurer to bring to Rin so that she could add in her interrogation information.[2]

Some time later, Kidd and his comrades discover that Raiyan Moore was found in Eclage by a Laphine. When they arrive there, Raiyan was of his own mind and explains to them everything he's discovered about the dimensional gap. After learning this information, Kidd returns to the United Midgard Alliance camp where he encounters his former adventurer assistant. He briefs the adventurer in on what happened and sends him/her to Eclage to learn the rest of the story.[3]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

You gotta be kidding me! I'm an Assassin! What am I supposed to be doing if not looking cool and totally hardcore, huh? Damn babies...
~ Kidd after hearing from the adventurer's talk with Sephit
Then that would mean that the children were kidnapped to—No way! That's... That's sick!
~ Kidd's response after hearing the adventurer's theory.
Remember, you're my assistant.
~ Kidd every time his adventurer assistant in the Ash Vacuum hesitates to take on a task

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