Kiel Hyre Mansion

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Kiel Hyre Mansion
Level none
RO KielHyreMansion.jpg
The mansion as seen in Lighthalzen.
Race Norman
Affiliation Schwarzwald Republic
Location Lighthalzen
Technical Name(s) kh_mansion

The Kiel Hyre Mansion is the home of robot producer Kiel Hyre. This is where he lives with a woman name Ellisia. Kiel Jr. was raised here when Kiel adopted him.

NOTE: Those who have not participated in the Kiel Hyre quest will not be able to explore the mansion. If spoken to, the steward at the door will immediate kick out all who were not invited to the mansion. Even once invited, only two areas are accessible: Kiel's office and the basement.

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2006 Dec. 05)
    • The background music of the following maps will be changed:
      • Abyss Lake: hu_fild05
      • Abyss Lake Underground Caves: abyss_01, abyss_02, abyss_03
      • Kiel Hyre Quest maps: kh_mansion, kh_school, kh_vila