Laura Laurence

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Laura Laurence
RO LauraLaurence.png
Laura's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Job Class Archaeologist
Race Norman
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Laura Laurence is the representative of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom for the Odin Temple Expedition in Hugel. She is assisted by Ashe Milton. Her expedition group doesn't get much funding from Rune-Midgarts so she pays expedition recruits out of her collection of items.

She seems to have a very intense dislike for her colleague, Alex Helmut.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Laura is first seen in Hugel taking part in the Odin Temple Expedition, a joint effort between Schwarzwald and Rune-Midgarts to learn more about the Odin Temple ruins. Joined by her assistant, Ashe Milton, Laura has been making major progress in the expedition with the additional help of an adventurer. However, she can't help but wonder why her colleague Alex has been making little stride in the expedition. After commissioning the adventurer to collect Runes of Darkness from the island, she then orders the adventurer to spy on her colleague. Once she learned what she could from the adventurer, Laura asks the adventurer to make one last trip to Odin's Temple to find out more about Alex's plans.

While the adventurer was gone, Laura goes to confront Alex about her hidden agenda. When Alex denies the allegations, Laura counters with undeniably hard evidence. The adventurer returns in time to see a fight ensue between the two women, causing the file folder that Laura was holding to drop to the ground. Ashe quickly picks up the folder and requests the adventurer to carry it to Morocc. Eventually, the two teams pack up and leave Hugel, never to be seen again.

It is discovered that Ashe Milton and her comrade in Morocc were part of an underground organization known as Secret Wing. Its main objective is to bring down the Rekenber Corporation. Something happened to the organization and its members are now scattered all over the world, but some are still active. Laura was used by the organization to get to Rekenber via Alex. According to the mysterious comrade, Laura will now run the excavation of the ruins her way and that both Rekenber and Arunafeltz shouldn't bother her.[1]

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