Letter to Elly

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Letter to Elly
The item's info window.
Type Quest Item
Effects none
Weight 0
Source Kiel Hyre Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 0 Zeny

A letter that is labeled "To Elly" and closed with a distinctive red seal.

In-Game Text[edit | edit source]

Dearest Elly,

I have something to discuss with my son Kiel Jr. so I am leaving to meet with him. If you don't hear from me 7 days after I've written this letter, then you must escape the academy as soon as possible and retrieve something inside our cottage's study.

If you have friends you can trust, please ask them to follow my traces in the cottage. I might be in danger and in dire need of rescue.

Elly, don't trust anyone in the academy, even your classmates, since they may be influenced by Kiel Jr.

Be careful and I love you.


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