Level 1 Cookbook

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Level 1 Cookbook
The book's info window.
Type Readable Book
Effects Allows the crafting of Level 1 food items.
Weight 1
Source Cooking Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 500 Zeny

Level 1 Recipes
"Don't panic if you're alone in the wilderness. This book will help you to survive on your own."

In-Game Text[edit | edit source]

-Don't panic when you're alone in the middle of nowhere. You can survive with the recipes in this book!-

You Can Do It: Level 1 Cooking!

Fried Grasshopper Legs: Don't worry—grasshopper legs are actually quite tasty and won't hop around once they're deep fried.

Ingredients: 5 Grasshopper's Legs, 1 Old Frying Pan, 1 Cooking Oil


  1. Heat the old frying pan over medium heat. (New frying pans tend to absorb oil and take longer to heat. If you don't have a used frying pan, then use Savage's fat to pre-treat a new frying pan.)
  2. Add 2 TS of Cooking Oil to the pan and lightly fry 3 Grasshopper Legs. Once the legs turn golden brown, add the other 2 legs and 1 TS of Cooking Oil and then fry them until they're crispy.

Grape Juice Herbal Tea: It'll be ready as soon as you blend grapes with potions!

Ingredients: 3 Grape, 2 Red Potions


  1. Grind 1 Grape and then mix it with 1 Red Potion in a mixer. Remember: don't remove the Grape seeds and skin! Once the Grape and Red Potion are blended, add another Red Potion to the mixer, and then shake for 10 seconds.

Honey Grape Juice: Just blend Honey and Grapes together and you'll be good to go!

Ingredients: 1 Honey, 2 Grape, 1 Red Potion


  1. This is the same recipe as Grape Juice Herbal Tea, except you add Honey instead of Red Potion in the final step.

Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup: Soup with healthy Squid Ink sauce.

Ingredients: 1 Bag of Grain, 10 Spawn, 1 Squid Ink


  1. Place the Spawns in a bowl of cold water to enhance their chewiness and then grind the grain.
  2. Mix the grain with water and then simmer the mixture until it thickens.
  3. Add the Spawns to the simmering mixture.
  4. Once the Spawns are tender, add the Squid Ink as sauce and then increaese the heat until the mixture boils.

Steamed Crab Nippers: It's fun to shell and eat crabs!

Ingredients: 10 Nippers, 10 Green Herbs, 1 Yellow Potion


  1. Marinade Nippers in Yellow Potion the night before you cook them.
  2. Line a steamer with a clean cotton cloth and then add Green Herbs and the marinated Nippers.
  3. Steam the Nippers until the color of the shell is deep red.

Fried Monkey Tails: You might worry that the monkey tails are too tough to chew, but they're actually easy to eat.

Ingredients: 5 Yoyo Tails, 1 Old Frying Pan, 1 Cooking Oil


  1. Skin Yoyo tails and cut them into bite-size pieces.
  2. Heat the Old Frying Pan over medium heat, add Cooking Oil, and then fry a small amount of the Yoyo Tails. The meat will be too tough if you cook it all at once, so cook the tails in smaller batches.

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