Lord Knight

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Lord Knight
Character LordKnight.jpg
Lord Knight concept art for RO.
Job Tier Rebirth Class
Job Base Knight
RO Job Bonuses
+15 +8 +8 +2 +9 +3
RO2 Job Bonuses
?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Lord Knights are Knights that have received the blessings of a valkyrie. The Lord Knight's skills are a good balance of offense and defense. The Lord Knight is now a master of weapons with a special affinity for Two-handed Swords and Spears. A Lord Knight has formidable attack strength and can crush an opponent's defense with ease. Being a Lord Knight, they gain vastly improved offensive capabilities and some defensive capabilities.[1][2]

Background[edit | edit source]

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Job Change Quest[edit | edit source]

See Lord Knight Job Change

Notable Lord Knights[edit | edit source]

Races[edit | edit source]

Normans are the prominent race to be bestowed Lord Knighthood.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Lord Knights are able to equip gear that is designated as:

  • Lord Knight Class Only
  • Transcendant Class Only
  • All Classes

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Lord Knights are able to utlize the following weapons

Abilities[edit | edit source]

See Lord Knight Skills for the complete list.

RO ClashingSpiral.png Clashing Spiral RO HeadCrush.png Head Crush
RO VitalStrike.png Vital Strike RO Parry.png Parry
RO Berserk.png Berserk RO AuraBlade.png Aura Blade
RO Concentration.png Concentration RO TensionRelax.png Tension Relax

Advanced Jobs[edit | edit source]

Lord Knights can move on to become Rune Knights.

1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class Transcendant
Swordsman Knight Rune Knight Lord Knight

Exclusive Mounts[edit | edit source]

Lord Knights have exclusive mounts designated for them. Unlike other classes, Lord Knights can attack from their mounts. The main mount is the Armored Peco Peco, although Lord Knights can later gain access to the Ferus as a Rune Knight.

Mount Job Class
RO KnightPeco.gif
Peco Peco
RO LordKnightPeco.gif
Armored Peco
Lord Knight
RO FerusMt.gif
Rune Knight

^The Ferus comes in 4 other colors, although the process to gain access to them is unknown.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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