Louviere Wigner

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Louviere Wigner
Louviere as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Archduke
Race Norman
Family Catherine Wigner (wife)
Jurgen Wigner (son)
Katrin Wigner (daughter)
Isaac Wigner (son)
First Appearance Episode 16 (Ragnarok Online)

Louviere Wigner is the head of the Wigner family and father of Jurgen, Katrin, and Isaac Wigner. He is known to get furious whenever someone in the family loses something, as it's a sign of bad management skills and good management is a virtue of the Wigner family.[1]

On iRO, this character is localized as Levuiere Wigner.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Louviere and his wife warmly welcome the invited adventurer to their room in the Prontera palace.[2] They implore the adventurer to meet their three children and introduce them to their son Jurgen, who is the family's candidate for the Royal Assembly. Louviere doesn't think it's important for Jurgen to become king; he doesn't want to stress his son out. The last time a Wigner was crowned, it caused misfortune for the family. He thinks Isaac would be a suitable king and wouldn't mind it if Katrin was crowned if she was a man.[3]

Louviere later appears at the Ritual of Blessing with his children; his wife was nowhere to be seen. The ritual begins with Kronecker leading everyone to chant their blessings upon the chosen candidate Peter Heine.

On behalf of the seven royal families supporting Rune-Midgarts
Here is the new appointed representative
May the blessing starlight reach the glory of the earth
Please allow the power from the source to be granted for all beings
The courage to charge forward and strike the enemy
The heart to embrace everything in this world
The strong will to protect everything within reach
The intact pride of justice and faith that never bends no matter what
The virtue of looking up to others with a humble mind
And the wisdom to see the truth

Before the ritual could complete, an intruder appears and strikes down Peter. The intruder elaborates that he heard that a piece Ymir's Heart was hidden in the Room of Consciousness, but it turned out to be a fake. The adventurer and the royal families attempt to approach the intruder, but the intruder threatens that if they take another step he will destroy the fake Heart of Ymir. Kronecker is surprised that the Heart of Ymir is fake, which causes the intruder to realize that none of the royal families know where the real one is hidden if they were ignorantly carrying out the ritual with a fake. The intruder is frustrated that he wasted his time with a fake and decides to leave without causing more of a scene. However, he quickly backtracks on his word and destroys the fake Heart of Ymir. The royal families are then accosted by more intruders, but they are able to fend them off with the help of the adventurer. The intruders disappear and the royal families evacuate the ritual hall.

Louviere and the other archdukes meet up with the adventurer after the ritual was canceled and demanded to know if the adventurer had told anyone about the ritual. Ian explains that the ritual had only been known by members of the seven royal families and no one else. Maximilian Lugenburg decides not to skirt around the issue and straight up tells the adventurer that he/she is suspected of having something to do with the intruders. Ian reluctantly admits to the suspicion and affirms that the adventurer is the only outsider in the history of Rune-Midgarts that knows about the ritual. Nihil defends the adventurer, saying that he/she has no idea what or where the Royal Family Past Memories are. He goes on to clarify that the adventurer was only told to observe the ritual after the Royal Assembly was completed, but was never told where and how it would be held.

Suddenly, Kronecker interrupts the inquiry to tell them that the Terra Gloria is now gone, having disappeared when the Heines were taking care of Peter during the invasion. He believes the intruders must have taken it during the chaos. Kronecker goes on to share that the Star of Blessing was said to be fake. Nihil interjects that he was responsible for allowing information about the ritual to leak. He recalls having talked to someone while he was drunk and believes that he is to blame for someone else knowing about the ritual besides the adventurer. Ian declares that the Walters will not sit back and do nothing despite not attending the Royal Assembly. Maximilian adds that he has heard the rumors about Nihil and wonders why he did what he did. He accuses Nihil of sabotaging the ritual and reminds him that Peter is also a Heine. Nihil tries to defend himself to no avail until the adventurer interrupts the call-outs, explaining that he/she overheard two individuals who were plotting to drug a member of the royal families. Maximilian demands proof of the plot, suspecting that the adventurer is making up the story to save Nihil's reputation. The adventurer affirms that the Nerius sisters can testify to having seen Nihil get drugged in the banquet hall. Ian decides that the families need to meet to discuss the matter and asks Kronecker what he thinks. Kronecker admits that if it were true that Nihil was drugged, it doesn't negate the fact that he acted carelessly. He sentences Nihil to house arrest, denying him contact with anyone unless absolutely necessary. He then turns the archdukes' attention to the missing Terra Gloria and the fact that the Star of Blessing was a fake. Ian agrees to organize a meeting right away to discuss their next actions.[4]

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