Lowen Ellenen

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Lowen Ellenen
Lowen as seen in RO.
Gender Female
Job Class Crusader
Race Norman
Family Rosa Ellenen (older sister)
First Appearance Episode 5 (Ragnarok Online)

Lowen Ellenen was a member of the royal Crusaders before her untimely demise at the age of 22. She was buried behind the Prontera Sanctuary where she is frequently visited by her older sister.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

As a swordswoman, Lowen was a fencing prodigy but had trouble with rigorous training and bearing the weight of armor. As such, she decided to become a Crusader of the Prontera Sanctuary instead of a Knight of the Prontera Chivalry. She was assigned to the Crusaders' 2nd Squad and things were going well for her.

One day, the 2nd Squad was sent to the Geffen Tower to subjugate the monsters that have overrun the dungeons beneath it. During the mission, the squad encountered a Doppelganger, a very dangerous monster. Due to the nature of the Doppelganger, Lowen made the decision to cast Grand Cross on it, which comes at the risk of damaging the caster as well as the target. Knowing this, Charles Hermite—who had been secretly following the squad—rushed in to save Lowen while she was in the middle of casting Grand Cross. As a result, the entire 2nd Squad was wiped out, leaving Lowen as the only survivor.

Charles took Lowen under his care and she recovered from her wounds thanks to him. However, Lowen didn't feel right about hiding out with her friend and left him after three days to report back to her superiors. The higher ups and politicians sought a scapegoat for the mission's failure and blamed it on Lowen. A trial was held and she was judged guilty of fleeing when ordered to fight. Despite the severity of the offense, she was merely discharged from the church and the holy power granted to her was forcibly removed.

Disgraced by the dismissal, Lowen went back to Geffen's dungeon to kill monsters there to make up for not dying with her comrades. She did this for 2 years and eventually died from the overwhelming amount of monsters. Once she reunited with her squad mates in Niflheim, Lowen learned that they did not blame her for what happened. Because of that, they had been waiting for Lowen in Niflheim for those entire two years. They eventually went to Valhalla, but the valkyrie did not take Lowen as she was held back by the guilt of failing the mission.

One day, an adventurer comes to Geffen dungeon where Lowen's spirit still remains. Lowen requests the adventurer to go visit her sister Rosa to tell her that her little sister is doing fine. The adventurer leaves and then returns to ask Lowen why she has not moved on to Valhalla yet. Lowen responds that she doesn't know and that she can't recall how she came to be a trapped spirit. Lowen goes back in time with the adventurer to the day of the 2nd Squad's final mission. Lowen remembers what Charles had done and the adventurer offers his/her body to Lowen so that she can subjugate monsters and lead her spirit to peace. Once Lowen's feelings of guilt lifted, she no longer felt tied to the world of the living and so the valkyrie descends to lead Lowen's spirit to Valhalla.[1]

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