Maggi Steen

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Maggi Steen
RO MaggiSteen.png
Maggi's dialogue image.
Gender Female
Job Class Warlock
Race Elf
Friends Du Lian, Mark Esha, Alph Ackart, Tamarin
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

Maggi Steen is a young Warlock traveling with her friends. She's not one to speak out much, but cares for her friends very much.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Maggi was with Du Lian and Mark when they filled out their paperwork for entry into Eclage. After observing Du's antics and Mark's irritated responses, they all entered Eclage.[1]

Du's haphazard rush ends up breaking the main bridge into Eclage, causing him and his friends to fall in. A carpenter Laphine name Fon is able to fix the bridge with the help of an adventurer, and the group is helped out of the hole they were in. Unfortunately, Du manages to upset Fon by insulting the quality of the bridge, causing the Laphine to yell at all of them to leave.

Du manages to find Yube and grabs him to take him over to Glaces, who becomes upset at how he's handling her friend. Du remarks that the three of them have beaten the adventurer to the punch, to which Mark reminds him that there's four of them (Alph was still cloaking). He then notices Oliver Hilpert wearing a wolf hoodie and tries to match him up with Maggi. Maggi doesn't seem interested, which disappoints Du. He then declares that he will find Moreng and rushes off with Yube in hand and Mark, Maggi, and Alph Ackart in tow.

Maggi eventually finds herself with the others at Eclage's plaza to find an old man and ask him about the legend of the big bird. After hearing the old man prattle on about a Laphine name Light Standard, Du rushes off towards the gates of Eclage and Maggi tells the others that they should follow after him or else he'll cause more trouble.

The group finds the traveler outside the gates of Eclage who indeed had a giant feather. However, the traveler's story of battling a giant bird to get the feather was suspect. He claimed to have encountered the giant bird upon arriving in Alfheim, but Oliver points out that the old man claimed the bird was sighted in Midgard. The traveler becomes nervous and corrects himself that it was Midgard where he saw the bird and not Alfheim. Then Mark notes that the scars that the traveler claims was from the fight were too old to have been made in a recent fight and they were too scabbed to have been healed through magic. Maggi and Alph further poke holes in the traveler's story until Du accuses the traveler of having bought the feather. The traveler finally admits that he bought the feather from a cat who managed to get into Eclage. He pleads the group to stop the cat before it takes anyone else's money.

They all head back to the plaza where they encounter the Cat Hand Group merchant who was peddling multiple feathers. Alph points out that the feathers can't be real because of the way the end is shaped. The Cat Hand merchant asserts that the feather did come from Midgard, but it was too big for him to carry so he just cut it into smaller pieces and adjusted them to look like whole feathers. Maggi is astonished and wonders how big the original feather was. When the Cat Hand merchant tells them how big it was, Du is impressed and claims they could make an omelet the size of the whole plaza. Mark suggests that they should go back to tell Moreng now that they have the whole story.

After telling Moreng the truth, the Laphine becomes excited and wishes to leave for Midgard right away. The group then notifies Glaces, who is surprised by Moreng's interest in such a tale and decides to change party preparations from a birthday party to a farewell party. She then asks the group to tell Yube and the group ends up at Yube's Yai. Maggi wishes the best for Moreng's party. Oliver becomes hungry for acorns and Du offers to get some for him while everyone else rest up in the Yai. After Oliver gets a pile of acorns, he offers some to Maggi. But as Oliver gets full, he falls asleep and fades away in front of everyone.[2]

Maggi and the others later make their way to Verus City via an elevator built by Rekenber Corporation. Du's antics proceed to break the elevator as it made its way down to the ruins, putting himself and the others in danger of serious injury. Mark and Tamarin chastise Du for breaking yet another essential structure, to which Du responds abrasively. Luckily, an adventure comes along to help fix the elevator and the elevator is secured enough to allow Du and the others to exit off safely. The whole experience causes Maggi to tear up with fear.[3]

The adventurer decides to join the group and Du remarks how the city didn't look anything like he'd imagine it to be. Mark wonders what he was expecting, to which Du responds that he thought it'd be filled with amazing treasures. Alph points out that architecture of the city was different from what he's used to in Midgard, but Du quickly changes his attention to that of the fountain nearby. As the group investigates the fountain, Alph and Tamarin are quick to notice that the fountain didn't look like it was buried for centuries; in fact, it looked as if it had been recently drained from how it looked so unusually clean for being part of a city in ruins. Alph starts to wonder if the city is as old as initially thought. Tamarin then suggests they look at the sundries nearby and Alph notes that those, too, looked as clean as the fountain. They then go to investigate a tree and Du points out that there's no sunlight in the ruins, and yet there are trees growing. Tamarin becomes shocked that Du said something so intelligent, to which Du responds angrily.

After some more exploring, the group comes across a signboard that points to the center square of the city. In his excitement, Du dashes deeper into the city, to the frustration of the rest of the group. He ends up at another fountain that looks as disturbingly clean as the other fountain. Maggi notes that she senses some strange energy in the area. Alph and Tamarin ponder on the significance of their findings while Mark smacks Du upside the head for leaving them behind.

The group then moves farther north and sees that there are much more machines in the center square than the previous district they were in. Tamarin goes to investigate a blocked off path despite Mark's warnings. Past the blocked off path is an area of the city that's been completely destroyed. Du's instinct tells him it's a bad idea to enter the blocked off area, so the group decides to follow his feeling and explore the other parts of Verus for now.[4]

Eventually, Rekenber relaxes access restrictions to a blocked off part of Verus City, which Du and the others take full advantage of. Upon going past the checkpoint, Du is astonished at how much of a mess the area is in. After Du annoys Mark, Alph tries to get them to focus back on what they were there for, which is to investigate the area. Tamarin notes that there's something not quite right about the area since the buildings are destroyed and the ground is more unstable than the rest of the city. Alph tells them that he heard from other visitors that there's an interesting device in the center of the area, which Du decides to investigate.

The group comes across Fru at the central device, who proceeds to goggle giddily at the device and wishes to take it home with her. She then tells the group about an underground area and directs the group to Verity, who leads them down into a long corridor. Mark deduces that the area was a bunker by the way the walls and doors are built. Everyone becomes shocked at the sight of all the undead wandering the bunker, which meant that the people that managed to hide out in the bunker eventually died. Despite the horrors that lay before them, the group presses on to investigate the bunker and decides split up. Du begins to panic, not wanting the group to split up when there were zombies and ghouls haunting the place.

Later, Alph signals to everyone and they all rush to meet him, especially Du who is not fond of dealing with undead. Unexpectedly, Verity joins them and everyone is confused until Alph recalls that Fru mentioned something about a guide. He tells everyone to brace themselves for what could be on the other side of the door and they enter. Alph confirms his suspicions that the room has a different layout from all the rest. Mark agrees, pointing out a door that is in a very unusual location in the room. Tamarin supposes they have no other choice but to check it out and Du charges at the door.

The group ends up in a dark and dank corridor, which Verity notes is very suffocating to the point that it was giving her a headache. Alph notices the smell is much worse in the area compared to the rest of the bunker. Tamarin points out that the corridor doesn't seem as well-built as the bunker and sees another door at the end of the corridor. Upon investigation, the door doesn't seem locked, but blocked from the other side. Du proceeds to break through that door as well.

On the other side was what looked to be a haphazardly-built laboratory that looked as badly built as the corridor they were in. As the group starts looking around, Maggi meekly tries to bring everyone's attention to the door they just came through. When the others go to the door, they notice that it was now stuck and unable to be opened from their side. Du begins to panic that they were now stuck in that room while Mark tries to calm everyone down. Verity suggests they continue on since they can't go back and Du wonders why she didn't know about this area if she's supposed to be a guide. Verity reveals that she has never gone down this deep into the area before, so she's just as clueless about this section as they are.

The group continues through another door and comes across room after room after room, each one as mysterious and badly-built as the last. Finally, the group comes across a Step, which talks about how people tried to escape that place, but could do nothing but flee to survive. The group keeps going on from room to room, occasionally running into that talking Step again as it spoke of despair and hopelessness. Eventually the Step starts changing its speech, talking as if it was rebooting a system. It then spoke of a successful surgery and that implementing the process on the survivors should improve things. It then mentioned that it has copied a memory chip into T_W_O_002B, but there was some data loss in the process.[5]

At last, the group came to a door that looked as if it was barricading against something on the other side. Mark is apprehensive about what they might find, but they had no choice but to go through it if they wish to escape from that place. They enter the door and end up in a dug-out tunnel that stretched on deep into the earth. Verity's headache gets horribly worse and Tamarin offers to stay with her while the rest of the group scouts the tunnel.

As the group goes through the tunnel, the suddenly come across Verity darting past them with a confused Tamarin running after her as fast as he could. The tunnel was becoming more and more unstable as they ran, crumbling beneath their feet. They then come across a chamber, which looked to be the final destination of the tunnel. By that point, Verity's headache was at its peak and she suddenly summons a system message, revealing herself to be T_W_O_002B. The adventurers try desperately to bring Verity back to her senses and after a prolonged fight, Verity snaps back to her usual self. The group asks her why she started attacking them and Verity could not remember doing anything of the sort, nor does she remember becoming T_W_O_002B. Fortunately during the fight, one of the chamber walls had broken away. The group quickly escapes through the opening, just as the chamber collapsed in on itself.[6]

Some time later, Maggi attends the banquet held for the heroes that helped defeat Surt with her friends. Her and Du suddenly come across the adventurer they met before and were surprised to see him/her there. The adventurer tells them what happened to Tamarin and Du expresses how he never noticed Tamarin was gone since he disappears on them quite often. Du explains he was dragged to the banquet by his brother and asks Maggi if she might know where Mark might be since he was working at the palace. Maggi recalls meeting Mark near the stairs in the Banquet Hall, but he was so busy he was unable to talk to her.[7]

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