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The Mail System is an essential MMORPG feature that allows players to send messages, items, and money to one another. It is also where Auction Halls send money from auctions that either succeeded or failed.

The Mail System was not introduced into Ragnarok Online until Episode 10 while Ragnarok Online II was launched with a Mail System. Because of this, RO2 has a mail alert icon for new mail whereas RO does not.

Ragnarok Online[edit | edit source]

In RO, mailboxes can be found in most towns. Accessing the mailbox will incur a 130 Zeny fee so make sure you have enough money to open your mailbox.

When opening your mailbox, you will be greeted with the inbox tab where any and all mail you receive from other players and the Auction Hall will be stored. Unlike most MMORPGs, RO's mailbox does not have expiration dates on mail, allowing players to essentially use it as an alternative storage without worry of their items getting deleted. However, players can only receive a maximum of 30 messages as the system will hide extraneous mail starting with the oldest ones.

Composing Mail
Clicking on the "Write" tab will allow you to compose a message to send to another player. Players can only send 1 stack of an item at a time, like many other MMORPGs' mail system. Players can also send money by clicking on the Zeny line in the composition window. Unfortunately, RO's mail system does not allow players to send mail to characters on the same account.

Due to bugs and an item duping exploit, the Mail System in RO was removed completely. It was replaced months later with the new RODEX Mail System.

RODEX[edit | edit source]

RODEX, short for RO Delivery Express, is the new Mail System in RO that replaces the old outdated one. It's much more reflective of Mail Systems in modern MMORPGs and its interface blends in much better with the RO interface compared to the old Mail System. Gone are the mailbox NPCs as you can now access RODEX via the game's UI interface. This means players no longer have to pay a fee to access their inbox. In addition, an icon notification has been implemented to alert players to new mail.

When opening RODEX's inbox, players will see a myriad of new features. Two tabs listing received and returned mail are available to players in addition to a refresh button to bring up recently received mail. Players can now manually delete mail instead of waiting for mail to be pushed out of the list by newer mail. Each mail will have a timestamp of how long the mail has been received so players can sort out which mail are older and which are newer.

The following icons appear next to a mail when it contains certain attachments. Mail without attachments show a blank space next to it.

  • RO RODEXItem.png This icon indicates a mail contains item attachments.
  • RO RODEXZeny.png This icon indicates a mail contains an attachment of Zeny.
  • RO RODEXZenyItem.png This icon indicates a mail contains both Zeny and item attachments.

Unread Mail
Unlike the old mail system, mail that has been read will be automatically deleted after 15 days. Unread mail will simply be returned to the sender's Return box. However, if the returned mail is not removed after another 15 days, it will finally be deleted.[1]

Composing Mail
To compose a new message, click on the Poring letter at the top right corner of the Inbox window. Unlike the old Mail System, players can send up to 5 items in RODEX. Players sending items and/or money will incur a Zeny Tax.

  • Sending items will incur a Tax of 2500 Zeny per item (regardless of how big the stack is). Items cannot exceed 2000 Weight total. (On iRO, the weight limit was increased to 4000, forcing players to have to purchase Gym Passes if they wish to remove items from the mail when the custom limit is hit.)
  • Sending money will incur a Tax of 2% of the money sent.
  • Each character is allotted 99 mail to send per day. The limit resets after 24 hours. (On iRO, this limit was increased to 300/day.)

Ragnarok Online II[edit | edit source]

Mailboxes in RO2 can be found in every town and village in the game. Accessing the mailbox will not incur a fee and mail can be sent between characters on the same account.

Like many MMORPGs, mail received in a player's inbox has an expiration date. Players must read and resolve any mail they receive in 30 days or else the system will delete the mail whether it is read or not. Mail is deleted from oldest to newest. There is no limit to how much mail you can receive.

Clicking on the "Compose a Mail" button will allow you to compose a message to send. Sending mail will incur a fee of 10 Rupi for each separate mail.

References[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2019 Sept. 18)
    • If the RODEX recipient is unknown, e-mails cannot be sent.
  • Patch (2019 Jun. 05)
    • The mail count font of RODEX will be changed to be big and dark.
  • Patch (2019 May 22)
    • Some features will be added to your RODEX system.
      • Receive all, Receive selection, Delete all, Delete selected
  • Patch (2017 Nov. 22)
    • Changed so that RODEX items cannot be received during 1:1 transactions and NPC conversation.
  • Patch (2017 Sept. 06)
    • The display order of RODEX's layout is changed.
      • Existing: Return Mail / Notification / General
      • Change: Notification / General / Return Mail
  • Patch (2017 May 02)
    • Search function is added to RODEX.
  • Patch (2017 Jan. 04)
    • After confirming bounced e-mail, clicking on the Refresh button will correct the phenomenon of unidentified e-mail.
  • Patch (2016 Dec. 07)
    • It is modified so that feeding a Cute Pet does not proceed while using the RODEX system.
  • Patch (2016 Nov. 30)
    • RODEX will be changed to disable the use of profanity when sending.
  • Patch (2016 Jul. 20)
    • RODEX's "Send Mail" button will be added to the following popup menus:
      • Friend/Party UI
      • Character UI
  • Patch (2016 Apr. 27)
    • Fixed an issue with the item link system not working with RODEX.
  • Patch (2016 Mar. 23)
    • RODEX UI is renewed.
    • Added E-Mail account to RODEX system (disabled for now, might be re-implemented in the future).
    • Future RO-Shop and event payment/rewards will be delivered via RODEX. Thus, [Zonda] NPC will be removed 2016/3/23.
    • Remaining undelivered items will be moved to RODEX system.
  • Patch (2015 Oct. 07)
    • RODEX system substantially improved.
  • Patch (2014 Dec. 10)
    • Items can no longer be dropped while using the mail system.
    • Some items attached to the mail before the emotional phenomenon is corrected.
  • Patch (2014 Dec. 03)
    • Fixed an error when attaching a specific item to a message.
  • Patch (2014 Nov. 19)
    • New RODEX Mail System re-implemented.
  • Patch (2014 Nov. 12)
    • New RODEX Mail System implemented. UPDATE: Removed for bug-fixing.
  • Patch (2008 Oct. 29)
    • Mailbox system will be deleted at next regular check.
  • Patch (2007 May 15)
    • Error message for when mail isn't sent when using mailbox is added.
  • Patch (2006 Apr. 04)
    • "Bounce" function is added to the mail system. Items and zeny will be returned to you so please use it with caution.
  • Patch (2006 Feb. 14)
    • Mail system is implemented. Send letters to others.
      • You can send mail to those on your friend list.
      • Mail will be deleted by default after two weeks. (The date displayed is the date to be deleted.)
      • By default, only 30 mail can be received.
      • Please confirm the mail you have received so that you can receive the next letter quickly.
      • You cannot send mail to your own characters on the same account.

Ragnarok Online II

  • iRO2 Patch (2017 Mar. 20)
    • Resolved a duplicate character name issue, caused from past services merging into ours, that caused issues with mail and friends lists.