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RO Maku.png
Maku's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Race Norman
Friends Alexander Digotz, Benkaistein
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Maku is a poor young man who lives in the slums of Lighthalzen. He's very laid-back, but admits that the slums is no place for visitors to see. He suggests newcoming adventurers to head towards the richer part of town.

He was once friends with another young man name Alexander Digotz, but the two of them are angry at one another for some reason. Maku once fixed Digotz on a blind date (that was apparently the worst date Digotz has ever been on) and can beat Digotz at arm wrestling.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Maku comes across an adventurer in the slums who mentions that he/she has seen Digotz. At the sound of that name, Maku exclaims his frustration over not talking to his old friend Digotz in a long time. He asks the adventurer to relay a message to his friend should the adventurer ever come across him.

The adventurer returns to Maku to give him Digotz's message, which sends him in a rage and causes him to injure the hapless adventurer. Maku apologizes and talks about how in the old days, Benkaistein would stop all the fights that occur between Maku and Digotz. But now that Benkaistein is too busy studying, there's no one who can step in to help him out. Hearing this, the adventurer heads to the library in Juno to find Benkaistein.

When the adventurer returns, he/she hands Maku a book that happens to be Benkaistein's diary. Reading through it, Maku realizes that he, Benkaistein, and Digotz were truly the best of friends. The adventurer then tells Maku that Digotz was coming to visit, which gets Maku nervous but happy that he would be seeing his old friend again.

After some time has passed, Maku notices that Digotz is unusually late. The adventurer then disappears, leaving Maku waiting for his friend. Maku never knew what became of Digotz.[1]

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