Malangdo Culvert

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Malangdo Culvert
Somewhere below Malangdo.
Location Malangdo
Race Fish
Level none (Easy Mode)
140+ (Hard Mode)
Cooldown ???
Technical Name(s) 1@pump, 2@pump

Malangdo Culvert is a dungeon instance underneath Malangdo. The entrance to the culvert area is at (135, 274).

Maps[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]


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  • Odd or Gloomy Coelacanth (Easy Mode)
  • Cruel or Mutant Coelacanth (Hard Mode)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Time Limit: none

The party leader must go Missing. Select [Agraham Insulted Me] to reserve the instance.

Talk to Albo, and take both the Daily and Weekly quests for the normal or hard culvert (as appropriate). If you have expired quests, talk to Madeca next to Albo to remove them first.

Talk to Missing to enter the culvert.

The party leader must talk to Missing inside the culvert. To do the easy culvert mode, choose the first option [I'm pretty good at delivering bread.] To do the hard culvert mode, choose the second option [I know how to fight.] The hard mode requires that all party members be level 140 or higher.

If you choose the hard option, walk through the door on the east wall.

It is recommended at this point that you clear out the Hydras, and make sure all players know what the drains look like - they are the grey things scattered throughout the room. There are ?? of them in the easy mode, and ?? in the hard mode.

Party leader must talk to Missing again and choose to start cleaning.

Several seconds later, an announcement will tell players that a drain has opened. Run around the room and quickly find the active drain. It will be surrounded by aggressive fish monsters, and at the center of the drain, there is an NPC to "talk" to.

Kill the monsters as quickly as possible. The monsters spam Water Ball and Full Strip, and in hard mode, evil land as well. They are Fish race, Water element, Boss protocol and have over 150k HP (more in hard mode)

One player must talk to the drain. This will start a cast bar (visible only to that player) which takes 5 seconds to complete. If you are hit during this time, it will be interrupted. You must complete talking to the drain within a short time of the drain opening - it is often not possible to finish killing the monsters. If you fail to talk to the drain in time, a "Contaminated Stem" will spawn. You will fail and must start over (party leader talks to missing) if a sixth contaminated seaweed spawns.

This process repeats some number of times (seems like around 8-10 - more with hard mode) In hard mode, the timers are even shorter, and there may be multiple drains open at once.

Missing will tell you that you did a good job of cleaning, and then a Coelacanth will spawn. In easy mode, this will be either an Odd or Gloomy Coelacanth. In hard mode, this will be either a Cruel or Mutant Coelacanth.

When you kill the Coelacanth, it will explode like a dead-fish piñata - all drops have high rate. Additional prizes will be scattered around the room.

Exit through the door on the right (easy mode) or left (hard mode) of the room. Talk to Madeca next to Albo to get your quest awards.

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