Mildwin's Letter

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Mildwin's Letter
The item's icon.
Type Quest item
Effects none
Weight not applicable
Source Renovated Mildwin
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell --

Letter sent from Mildwin to his father Mildros.

In-Game Text[edit | edit source]

I discovered the Freyjanity while wandering about after leaving Elemento Academy. I loved to become a member of it because anyone can reach a high position with effort no matter what the status...

It's a little weird that a religious group would do strange summoning ceremonies or make terrorist bombs. Am I being too concerned?

Oh my gods. The Freyjanity is a really scary cult that connects with demons. I realized that the summoning ceremony was to call devils from hell. What have we become? Are we food for them?

One night, I just saw someone being dragged off by Freyjans. They took the person to Elder Gedenhardt's lab. What kind of experiments are being done in there? All I hear is this endless, horrible screaming all night. What happened in there?!

I gotta run away. If I don't, I will become a monster just like the person did yesterday. Run away... I must run away...

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