Minty Eland

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Minty Eland
RO MintyEland.png
Eland's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Bard
Race Norman
Main Weapon A lute
Friends Gunther Doubleharmony, Kino Kitty (ex-friend)
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online)

Minty Eland, or Eland, is a Bard who resides in Geffen. He will tell stories and sing upon request. His Seal of Friendship is a silver crescent.

On iRO, this character's name is localized as Minty Errende.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Eland was playing a song in Geffen when he notices an adventurer listening in. The adventurer notes that he is not a Geffen native, to which Eland responds that he is a traveling Bard who "goes where the wind takes him." He asks if the adventurer would like to hear a story or a song and the adventurer requests an upbeat song. He then begins to sing "At One, I Fall in Love," but forgets the lyrics about halfway through. In his embarrassment, he begins to fret about the forgotten lyrics until the adventurer offers to help out. Eland then sends the adventurer to find his colleague Gunther Doubleharmony, who should know what the rest of the lyrics are.

When the adventurer returns some time later, Eland is surprised to find that the lyrics that Gunther wrote on the adventurer's back was not the lyrics he was familiar with. He wonders if the lyrics were changed, which prompts the adventurer to return back to Gunther.

The adventurer comes back to Eland to ask if someone by the name of Kino Kitty is responsible for the change in lyrics. Eland says that might be so and tells the adventurer to seek out someone from the Monster Research Organization in Juno who would know where Kino Kitty would be.

Eland encounters the adventurer later, who tells him that the only source of the original lyrics is in an edda text. Eland immediately thinks of his friend Sketzi Bundin, who owns a bookstore in Juno that specializes in edda (Norse poem). He marks the adventurer's left hand with the Seal of Friendship, which was the only way for Sketzi to trust the adventurer with his books.

More time passes before Eland meets the adventurer once more, this time with the original lyrics to "At One, I Fall in Love." Eland is elated to have relearned the original song and begins to sing it in its entirety to the adventurer. As a thank you, Eland then sings the song of Idunn, which helps make the adventurer stronger.[1]

Song Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Minty Eland sings 3 songs: a song about Glastheim, "Drum on the Battlefield", and "At One, I Fall in Love."

unnamed song about Glastheim[edit | edit source]

Valhalla dazzles in gold
The fifth as we know
is old Glastheim!
Glorious warriors answer the summons of Odin

Palace of the dead with a silver roof~
The third as we know...
Glorious warriors answer the summons of Odin

Five hundred forty doors in the grand halls of Valhalla
fling open to the heart of a hero
Eight hundred warriors gather under the will of God
and charge as one out through those doors

Godly warriors step into Yggdrasil
towards their fate
With pride and honor
they accept Valkyrie's welcome

Warriors fallen in battle
in glorious clashes of red
Death may have come, but your fame lives on
and your spirit will be led to Valhalla

Drum on the Battlefield[edit | edit source]

by Mr. Iolo

The sounds of galloping echo in the distance
A cloud of hazy dust fills the setting sun
Thousands of eyes open
Torches on the castle flare like thousands of Ifrits

Hear the throbbing of my heart
The blood flowing in my veins
Feeling the heaviness of my armor
The enemy has appeared before us

Beat the drums hard, harder!
Courage, soldiers, march forward!
Shout loud, soldiers, louder!
Today will never come back!

Stun the sky, provoke the earth
I feel my heartbeat again
Blow the bugle to sway the fortress
Today will never come back!

At One, I Fall in Love[edit | edit source]

My fair lady, please listen to my song
If you have a flower in hand and are in love
Let's count the flower petals as we go along

At one, I fall in love
At two, you give me your smile
At three, I adore your touch
At four, a tender kiss
At five, we change our minds
A petal scatters through the air

At six, I fall in love~
At seven, you fall in love~
At eight, we're both in love
At nine, you know my heart
At ten, I know you've been waiting for me
At eleven, a precious whisper:

"Will you marry me?"
At twelve, our two hearts are one
12 petals, our love finally blossoms

References[edit | edit source]