Mushroom Farm

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Mushroom Farm
Level 7 - 10
RO MushroomFarmScreen.jpg
A Novice hunting mushrooms in the farm.
Race Norman
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location Northwest of Morocc
Technical Name(s) job_thief1

The Mushroom Farm is an underground farm owned by a Morocc merchant name Shibu. It mainly produces two kinds of mushrooms: Orange Gooey Mushrooms and Orange Net Mushrooms. A condition of joining the Thief Guild is the theft of these particular kinds of mushrooms.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Maps[edit | edit source]

Sourced from iRO Dungeon Maps

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2012 Mar. 28)
    • All 1st Class job change quests were removed. Since the Mushroom Farm was part of the Thief job change quest, it is no longer accessible to players.