Nagash Arses

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Nagash Arses
Nagash as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Assassin
Race Norman
Friends Song Zhi Du
First Appearance Episode 6 (Ragnarok Online)

Nagash Arses is the poison expert of an Assassin group called the Desert Canines. As such, he once lived in Morocc.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Forty years ago, Nagash accepted an assassination mission from the Merchant Guild. While on the way to his target, heavy winds sank the ship he was on and Nagash was the only survivor. He floated helplessly on the ocean until he washed up on Luoyang. When he arrived, Luoyang was being invaded by mobs of monsters that reached all the way to the castle. It was on the battlefield where he met Bai Long, back when the lord was known as the "Street King."

After the invasion, he was rewarded with Luoyang citizenship and given money. He later joined a martial arts organization that specialized in poison usage. He used the knowledge he gained from them to develop his own unique poisoning skills. The group eventually cleared the town of every monster and things were good. However, other martial arts groups were jealous of their success and sought to bring them down.

One day, one of the lord's sons ate a meal laced with poison and Nagash and organization were blamed for the incident. Their group was disbanded and Nagash was jailed. Because of the injuries he received while escaping from jail, he can no longer use his martial arts. The Luoyang police are still after him to this day.

His disciple Song Zhi Du currently works at the hospital and is responsible for sheltering and feeding Nagash because Nagash rescued Song from the streets and nursed him back to health. That inspired Song to become a doctor to save lives. Despite that, Song wanted revenge for what happened to his master and so tried to poison Bai Long. When Nagash learned of Song's plan, he enlists the help of a Rune-Midgartsian adventurer to help him switch out Bai Long's poisoned drinking bottle in order to save his life.[1]

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