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Old Glastheim

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Old Glastheim
RO LoadingScreen(OGH)2.jpg
Loading screen featuring the main figures of old Glastheim.
Location Glastheim
Race Norman
Level 130
Cooldown 23 hours
Technical Name(s) 1@glast, 1@gl_k, 2@gl_k

Old Glastheim is a dungeon instance that takes players into the past of Glastheim. It is accessible through an NPC near the castle. It is commonly referred to as OGH.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Modes[edit | edit source]

Additional difficulty modes were added to increase replay value for Old Glastheim.

  • Beginner Mode
  • Nightmare Mode
  • Challenge Mode
    • Entry restrictions: Base Lv. 170
    • Location: Oscar (glast_01 143/287)

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Most of the monsters here are undead race (exception to maggot which is insect) and either undead or shadow elemental (exception to maggot which is earth elemental).

All monsters inside the instance are stronger and have higher HP than their normal counterparts. They also have the chance to drop Coagulated Spells, which can be used for enchanting Temporal Boots.



  • Root of Corruption
  • 1st Commander of Destruction
  • 2nd Commander of Destruction
  • Amdarais

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Time Limit: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • You can not reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance. If you get disconnected at anytime after entering the dungeon, you will be unable to re-enter the instance until the cool down has expired.

Speak to Hugin in Glastheim (glast_01 204, 273) and help him research the time gap.

With 2 or more players in your party, the party leader must speak to Hugin in Glastheim (glast_01 204, 273) and "Generate Time Gap". After the dungeon is created, talk to Hugin again to enter Old Glast Heim.

Once inside you will spawn in the 2nd Floor of Old Glastheim. The party leader will speak to Varmundt (gl_k 149, 41). He will tell you about an incoming invasion lead by a valkyrie named Himmelmez.

The party leader should head north after talking to Varmundt and speak to Heinrich (gl_k 149, 100). A cutscene will trigger between Heinrich and Himmelmez.

After their conversation, Abysmal Knights and Khalitzburgs will spawn. You do not have to kill them. After a few seconds Heinrich will kill all the monsters.

Heinrich and Varmundt will ask the player to help in finding any survivors that might need help. After the two disappear a portal will open to the west (gl_k 96, 80).

Head into the portal and cross over to the west side. You will have to clear the Ghouls, Zombies, and Wraith mobs that spawn there. Once enough mobs have been killed an announcement will be made to find any survivors.

At this point only party leader needs to go to the southwest corner of the map and chat with survivor NPC (Butcher). The rest of the party can head over to central hall. Once leader chats with the survivor, a portal will open to the east.

Head to the east portal. Similar to the west side the party needs to clear sufficient number of mobs to activate the survivor NPC (Blacksmith) which is located up the eastern stairs. Again, only the party leader needs to speak with the NPC to open the portal in the North-east area. The rest of the party can go ahead.

  • Note: On the eastern side there are Decomposed Bodies laid on the floor as traps. If a player comes within 3 cells of the body, it triggers a mob of Arclouzes to spawn.

The North area of the map is filled with Raydrics and Raydric Archers. Once enough mobs have been defeated head to the central north area of the map. Here you will again find Himelmez chatting with Varmundt and Heinrich. Once she disappears the first MVP Root of Corruption will spawn.

Upon defeating the MVP, each party member should speak with Varmundt and collect 1 Temporal Crystal and 1 Coagulated Spell.

  • Note: If any of the party members are dead when the MVP dies, then they do not receive the kill count and are unable to receive any items from Varmundt.

Go into the north portal to enter the 1st Floor of Old GH. Here Heinrich will again have a discussion with Varmundt and a portal will open in the west.

Enter the west portal. In addition to the previous mobs the area will be filled with Abysmal Knights and Bloody Knights.

Upon clearing sufficient mobs an announcement will be made stating the appearance of an evil presence. Find and defeat the 1st Commander of Destruction mini boss which will open a portal to the east.

Head to the east portal via the central bridge. Similar to the west side, clear all the mobs to spawn the 2nd Commander of Destruction mini boss and defeat her. A portal will open to the north.

Enter the north portal and as you walk further north past some Decomposed Bodies, you will see Heinrich confronting Himelmez again. There is a floating body of the last survivor in GH which Himelmez will convert into the MVP Amdarais. Once the dialogue is over the MVP will spawn at the location of the floating body. During the MVP fight, random mobs will spawn in the central area.

Defeat the MVP and speak with Hugin. He will give 5 of each Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells the first time you complete the instance and 1 of each thereafter.

After collecting the reward, the player can:

  • A) Speak with Hugin to warp back to the entrance, or
  • B) Go to the Treasure Room on the 2nd Floor to collect 7 Coagulated Spells and other loots. Click on the fountain in the top right corner of the 2nd Floor to be warped to the Treasure Room in the middle.

External Links[edit | edit source]

Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2019 Oct. 16)
    • The reward conditions for the Memorial Dungeon Glastheim Challenge mode have changed.
  • Patch (2019 Jul. 24)
    • Memorial Dungeon: The Glastheim Challenge mode will be renewed and the internal battle balance will change.
  • Patch (2019 May 22)
    • Memorial Dungeon Glastheim challenge mode is updated.
    • Memorial Dungeon Glastheim: enchantment function is changed.
    • Some of the skills of Memorial Dungeon Glastheim (General) will change.
  • Patch (2017 Jan. 11)
    • The difficulty of the Glastheim beginner Memorial Dungeon is modified to be easier.
  • Patch (2017 Jan. 04)
    • 2 additional Memorial Dungeon beginner modes will be added.
      • List: Glastheim Dungeon, Horror Toy Factory
  • Patch (2013 Jun. 26)
    • Old Glastheim (Greater) Memorial Dungeon will open.
      • It is possible to enter once every 3 days, and the enemies appear stronger than the existing Glastheim dungeon.
      • Existing Old Glastheim The chance of a reward item dropped in a secret room changes
      • The time to re-enter the dungeon of Old Glastheim will change from 23 hours to 18 hours.
  • Patch (2012 May 30)
    • Added Old Glastheim instance and Nightmare Mode dungeon in the 12 o'clock area of Glastheim.