Oliver Hilpert

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Oliver Hilpert
RO OliverHilpert.png
Oliver's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Novelist
Race Norman
Main Weapon A pen
First Appearance Episode 12 (Ragnarok Online)

Oliver Hilpert is the author of the bestselling novel The Crow of Destiny and its prequel The Trace of Destiny. He looks very young despite nearing 30 years of age. He is a big fan of Mammi, a major idol in Rune-Midgarts.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, Oliver encounters an adventurer reading a worn-out copy of The Trace of Destiny in the Juno library. Enthusiastic to meet a fan of his (which the adventurer wasn't), he eagerly takes out a piece of paper and signs his autograph (despite the adventurer not requesting one). He then begins to talk about the books with the adventurer, saying that he based both novels on dreams that he had. It turns out that Oliver's dreams were the same ones that the adventurer had (the laboratory, the fire, and the burning mansion), but the adventurer doesn't tell him.

Suddenly, Oliver notices that the adventurer had a photo book of his favorite celebrity, Mammi. He pleads the adventurer to sell the book to him, as he was unable to purchase the book due to supplies running out. He is elated when the adventurer decides to sell the book to him. Unfortunately, he did not have enough Zeny to purchase the book from the adventurer at that time so he instead gives the person an Old Purple Box.

After receiving the book, Oliver's Author's Memo falls out of his pocket, which incites the adventurer to pick it up and read it. Oliver then begins writing something and, a few moments later, the adventurer tries to return the memo to Oliver. In the process, the black feather that the adventurer had in his/her bag falls out. The sight of the feather sends Oliver into a fit of rage, causing him to grab the feather and rip it to shreds. When the deed was done, Oliver realizes what he had done and apologizes profusely to the adventurer (while saying he doesn't know how to apologize). The adventurer is a bit surprised, but still wishes to return the memo to Oliver. Oliver refuses the memo, saying that he did not need it anymore.[1]

Some time later, Oliver manages to travel through a Dimensional Gap to the world of Alfheim. There, he encounters a group of adventurers consisting of Du Lian, Mark Esha, Maggi Steen, and Alph Ackart at the Blooming Flower Land. When the group goes into Eclage, Oliver sneaks in with them.[2]

Upon entering Eclage, Du breaks the bridge at the gates, causing all of them to fall through. Once the bridge began reconstruction, Oliver decides to follow the adventurers around Eclage. At one point, Du takes notice of Oliver, who is surprised that he's been found out. Alph remarks that he's seen Oliver from somewhere, but can't recall where. They eventually meet another Laphine name Moreng that talks about Laphine housing and Oliver takes note that the Laphine word Yai refers to their round houses.

The group then hears about Moreng's inquiry about a giant bird that supposedly lives in Midgard. The rumor seems to have originated with an old man that Moreng spoke to in Eclage's plaza. They set off to find the old man, who said that the legend came from a Midgardian traveler at the gates of the city. They head out to the Blooming Flower Land where the traveler regaled a tale of how he bested a giant bird upon entering Alfheim. Oliver points out that the old man had said the bird was in Midgard, which the traveler quickly changes his story to reflect under the guise of mistaken memory. The rest of the group proceed to poke holes in the traveler's story until the traveler admits that the giant feather he possessed was bought from a cat. He pleads the group to stop the cat before it takes anyone else's money.

They all head back to the plaza where they encounter the Cat Hand Group merchant who was peddling multiple feathers. Alph points out that the feathers can't be real because of the way the end is shaped. The Cat Hand merchant asserts that the feather did come from Midgard, but it was too big for him to carry so he just cut it into smaller pieces and adjusted them to look like whole feathers. Maggi is astonished and wonders how big the original feather was. When the Cat Hand merchant tells them how big it was, Du is impressed and claims they could make an omelet the size of the whole plaza. Mark suggests that they should go back to tell Moreng now that they have the whole story.

After telling Moreng the truth, the Laphine becomes excited and wishes to leave for Midgard right away. The group then notifies Glaces, who is surprised by Moreng's interest in such a tale and decides to change party preparations from a birthday party to a farewell party. She then asks the group to tell Yube and the group ends up at Yube's Yai. Oliver becomes hungry for acorns and Du offers to get some for him while everyone else rest up in the Yai. After getting Oliver a pile of acorns, he shares some with Maggi while Du encourages him to eat more so he would grow up big and strong. However, Oliver becomes sleepy after becoming full with acorns and fades away, causing everyone to recoil in shock. He ends up leaving his wolf hoodie behind.[3]

Oliver later attends the banquet held for the heroes that defeated Surt. While wearing another wolf hoodie, Oliver peruses the Prontera Palace's royal library, astounded by all the books that he doesn't have in his own library.[4]

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