Order of the Knights

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Order of the Knights
RO PronteraChivalry.jpg
The Prontera Chivalry, Knight Guild HQ.
Type Organization
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Base of Operations Prontera
Notable Members Sakray, Karl Johann Spiegel, Herman von Efesiers, Andrew Shylock, James Syracuse, Seyren Windsor, Amy Beatrice, Edmund Groster, Sir Gray
First Appearance Episode 3 (Ragnarok Online)

The Order of the Knights serves the king of Rune-Midgarts and is sworn to protect the kingdom at all costs. They regularly receive new recruits from the Swordsman Association. They also hire out spearman mercenaries.

For a time, there was once a special knight guild in Glastheim known as the Royal Guard. When Glastheim fell, so did the guild. In recent years, the Royal Guards have made a comeback, though they now share the same duties as the current Knight Guild, unlike their predecessors.

A new branch of knight guild, known as the Continental Guard, is responsible for providing aid to the homeless of Morocc and to defend the kingdom against the resurrected Surt.

Knights[edit | edit source]

Spearman Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

RO SpearmanMercenary.jpg
RO SpearmanMercenary(old).jpg

Mercenaries provided by the Order of the Knights are experts in wielding spears, much like the guards of Prontera, where the guild is headquartered.

The highest rank that a mercenary can achieve is Centurion, which commands an army of 100 as its name suggests.[1]

Name Scroll Level
Rodin Level 1
Lancer Level 2
Nathan Level 3
Roan Level 4
Orizaro Level 5
Thyla Level 6
Ben Level 7
Pinaka Level 8
Kuhlmann Level 9
Roux Level 10

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