Order of the Neighborhood Knights

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Order of the Neighborhood Knights
RO OrderOfTheNeighborhoodKnights.png
The knights in Mora's residential area.
Type Order
Affiliation Mora
Base of Operations Mora
Notable Members Knights Chief, Knights Head, Knights Boss, Knights Leader
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

The Order of the Neighborhood Knights is a ragtag group of Rafles that formed "just five minutes ago!" It consists of two male and two female Rafles that go by the titles of Knights Chief, Knights Head, Knights Boss, and Knights Leader.

Story[edit | edit source]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One day, four Rafles got together and decided to start up an army they dubbed the Order of the Neighborhood Knights. Everyone ended up being leaders because no one wanted to be lower-ranked soldiers. They eventually recruited an adventurer into the group as their first (and only) soldier. Their first order to the adventurer was to seek out the missing Laphine Lope on their behalf because the leaders have to "clean the yard."

The adventurer later reports back that Lope was found dead. The Knights Head is downtrodden to hear that, noting that he "could have saved him."[1] He then orders the adventurer to gather more Lope's Clues in order for them to create some sort of memorial for the Laphine.

The adventurer returns with more clues, which the Rafles piece together to form a rather foreboding message. But since they didn't understand what it meant, they simply decide to forget about it. This in turn causes them to lose interest in keeping the order together. Eventually they began to consider disbanding the order in favor of starting up a circus troupe instead.

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

"We are the legendary Order of the Neighborhood Knights, founded just five minutes ago!
~ Knights Chief
So, what I'm trying to say is why don't you go and deal with the problem on behalf of the order of the Neighborhood Knights? I promise, as head of the order, that I'll give you more work when you get back!
~ Knights Head

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