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Usable by
Job Class Lord Knight
Type Active
Category Buff
Levels 10 (Selectable)
Cast Time none
Cooldown ASPD based
Other Information
Requirements Provoke Lv. 5
Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv. 10
Two-hand Quicken Lv. 3

Parry adds a chance to block physical attacks entirely when activated. The player will be forced to pause momentarily whenever Parry blocks damage. For example, if the user is attacking a monster while Parry is activated and they guard an attack, they will stop attacking the monster for a brief period of time. If the user was standing still or running when Parry blocked an attack, they will still be penalized with a short moment of time until they can attack or use skills.

Parry's activation icon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Must be wielding a Two-Handed Sword.
  • Has the same properties as Auto Guard for blocking damage, such as how an attack following Lux Aeterna will remove the Lux Aeterna if blocked.
  • If Parry blocks an attack while its user is casting an interruptible skill, the skill will be interrupted.
  • If Parry blocks an attack while the user is running, they will appear to stop quickly while the Parry animation plays, causing awful position lag. They are not actually stopped: the flinch caused from Parry-blocking an attack stops a player from being able to attack for a short time, but does not immobilize them even if it appears so.
  • Parry will not block Cart Termination, Soul Breaker (neither the magical or physical portion of it) or Acid Demonstration.
  • Parry works even if a player is under the effect of status such as Frozen or Stone cursed.

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