Payon Cave

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Payon Cave
Level 25 - 80
RO PayonCave.jpg
Payon Cave near the Archer Village.
Race Norman
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location North of Payon
Technical Name(s) pay_dun00, pay_dun01, pay_dun02, pay_dun03, pay_dun04

The Payon Cave is located to the north of Payon, between the village and the Archer Village. The cave was dug by villagers possibly to search for minerals and other earthy resources. As the people of Payon dug ever deeper into the caves, they eventually discover partial ruins of the old Payon and set about exploring them. But before they could get very far, Horongs appeared, representing the spirit of the people who perished in old Payon. Before long, Cat O' Nine Tails and Moonlight Flower took up residence in the lower levels of the cave, raising the dead with their magical bells. No citizen of Payon dared to enter the cave ever again.

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