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Certain pet products can be bought from non-player vendors. These vendors are known as Pet Groomers and can be found in certain locations.

Pet Groomers[edit | edit source]

The following lists available Pet Groomers to purchase pet items from.

Vendor (Coordinates) Location
Pet Groomer (/navi prontera 218/211) Prontera
Pet Groomer (/navi izlude 164/138) Izlude Tool Shop
Pet Groomer (/navi moc_ruins 118/170) Morocc Ruins
Pet Groomer (/navi geffen 193/152) Geffen
Pet Groomer (/navi payon 177/131) Payon
Pet Groomer (/navi yuno 197/114) Juno
Pet Groomer (/navi lighthalzen 222/191) Lighthalzen

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Each Pet Groomer will carry the same inventory of items.

Item Price
Green Apple 15 Zeny
Meat Veg Skewer 15 Zeny
Whole Barbecue 15 Zeny
Grilled Rice Cake 20 Zeny
Plant Nutrient 20 Zeny
Well-Ripened Berry 20 Zeny
Morning Dew 20 Zeny
Blueback Fish 20 Zeny
Mochi 100 Zeny
Pet Food 1,000 Zeny
Lively Flower (Blue) 1,000 Zeny
Lively Flower (Yellow) 1,000 Zeny
Flame Gemstone 1,000 Zeny
Bun 1,000 Zeny
Damp Darkness 1,000 Zeny
Small Snow Flower 1,000 Zeny
Fresh Plant 1,000 Zeny
Big Scell 1,000 Zeny
Apple Pudding 1,000 Zeny
Mystic Stone 1,000 Zeny
Flavored Alcohol 1,000 Zeny
Spirit Liquor 1,000 Zeny
Pumpkin Pie 1,000 Zeny
Sunset on the Rock 1,000 Zeny
Poring Pet Backpack 1,500 Zeny
Rocker Glasses 2,000 Zeny
Pet Incubator 3,000 Zeny

Patches[edit | edit source]