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The Phantom Pyramid window in RO2.

Phantom Pyramid is a game of chance that can be played in Ragnarok Online II. In order to play Phantom Pyramid, players must purchase Phantom Stones from the Kafra Shop.

Playing Phantom Pyramid[edit | edit source]

Once you've purchased a Phantom Stone, access the Phantom Pyramid from the UI menu to open the Phantom Pyramid window. There, you can begin exploring the pyramid from the 1st, 3rd, or 5th floor, depending on which Phantom Stone you possess.

Click on the Explore button to activate the cursor that will run back and forth on your current floor. If the cursor lands on the side squares (the Phantom stones), the game is over and you get a Mystical Phantom stone (collecting enough of these will let you start from the 3rd floor of the Phantom Pyramid). If the cursor lands on an item, you have the option to take the item and end the game there or forfeit the item to access the next floor. Typically, common items are on the lower section of the pyramid while rare and Kafra Shop items are in the upper section.

Once you win an item and end the game, a server-wide announcement will be made to let others know of your gambling accomplishment.

Lucky Roulette[edit | edit source]

The Lucky Roulette window in RO.

Ragnarok Online's version of the Phantom Pyramid is called Lucky Roulette. Players can access it with the /roulette command or via a UI button. It basically works the same way as the Phantom Pyramid in mechanics.

Unfortunately, after only 5 months of use, GRAVITY decided to terminate the mini-game entirely due to the rewards devaluing many in-game items.

Patches[edit | edit source]

Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2015 Apr. 01)
    • The use of the "Lucky Roulette" system is terminated.
      • Items "Integer Timer", "Silver Coin", "Gold Coin" are deleted.
  • Patch (2015 Mar. 04)
    • [Lucky Roulette] will close.
      • Termination date: 2015/04/01.
      • [Integer Timer], [Silver Coin] and [Golden Coin] will be deleted.
  • Patch (2014 Nov. 12)
    • The list of items in the Lucky Roulette system will be adjusted in part.
  • Patch (2014 Oct. 15)
    • Adjusted list of items in [Lucky Roulette].
  • Patch (2014 Oct. 08)
    • The mini-game [Lucky Roulette] is added

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