Phong in Mumbaki

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Phong in Mumbaki
Phong in Mumbaki as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Village Leader
Race Norman
Family Imelda (granddaughter)
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

Phong in Mumbaki is the village head of the port town of Malaya. He is one of the few Malayans who are welcoming to foreign visitors.

Story[edit | edit source]

Phong encounters an adventurer one day who came seeking information about Malaya. Phone explains that the port town has been overrun by dark spirits and it is because of those spirits that the people of Malaya have become wary of visitors. Just then, the two of them were accosted by spirits and Phong tells the adventurer to flee before it was too late. Instead, the adventurer stands his/her ground and the spirits are repelled by the adventurer's strong spiritual light energy. Phone is impressed and suggests that the adventurer attempt to make contact with the villagers again.

The adventurer returns some time later to tell Phong that the villagers all want something that belongs to the adventurer to act as a protective talisman. Phong is amused by the adventurer's plight and suggests that the adventurer fulfills their requests. The adventurer laments that he/she does not have enough clothing to sacrifice for the task, to which Phong asks what would be better alternatives. The adventurer suggests Holy Water and Blue Gemstones as substitutes. Phong agrees and the adventurer goes off into the town.

After the adventurer leaves, Phong has his granddaughter Imelda create some talismans based on the adventurer's suggested items. When the adventurer returns, Phong assures the adventurer that he/she does not have to worry anymore as talismans have been made to ease the worries of the villagers.[1]

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