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For the Poison element, see Elements.
File:RO Poison.png
The poison debuff effect in RO.

Poison causes status-oriented DEF to be reduced by 25%. If HP is over 25%, you will lose 1.5% + 2 HP of your max HP every second. SP Regeneration is disabled.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The poison debuff icon in RO2.

The following abilities inflict Poison:

Cure[edit | edit source]

Poison can be cured through the following methods:

Prevention[edit | edit source]

The following lists ways that Poison can be prevented:

  • Argiope Card grants Poison element, and immunity to Poison attacks, but not the Poison status itself.
  • Ghoul Card increases resistance to Poison by 20%.
  • Poporing Card allows use of Detoxify (which cancels Poison).
  • Venomous Card has a 30% chance of inflicting Poison to self and a 30% chance of inflicting Poison on the attacker when receiving physical damage.