Prometheus Staff

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Prometheus Staff
Fay wields the staff.
Type One-Handed Staff
Level unknown
Effects Grants the user the ability to form life.
Weight unknown
Source unknown
Cost to buy unknown
Cost to sell unknown

The Prometheus Staff ("Apple of Idun" in the Chuang Yi edition) was a legendary artifact created by Master Dvali and used by the alchemist Fay Kanavion when she faces off against the warlock Fenris Fenrir in Geffen's triennial Tournament of Magic. It, along with Skrymir the Golem, was destroyed by Fenris' Laevatein staff at the conclusion of their match.

The Chinese characters on the staff are crudely written by someone who does not have a trained hand in Chinese calligraphy and are thus hard to make out by a person well-versed in the language. At best, the phrase could be interpreted as 醫學的妒, which means "envy of medical science" and suits the staff perfectly.

Fay with her Prometheus Staff.