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Selling to a typical Purchase Shop.

A Purchase Shop is a player-generated "store" where players can input items they would like to buy, with a specific amount of Zeny willing to be paid.

On iRO, this is localized as Buying Store.

Using a Purchase Shop[edit | edit source]

A maximum of 2 items at a time can be advertised in a shop (5 items for Merchant classes). Players must have one of the item they are seeking to purchase already in their inventory. Only certain items can be purchased through a Purchase Shop:

  • Etc. Items
  • Non-Brewed Consumable Items

Creating a Purchase Shop[edit | edit source]

Purchase Shops are created via different means based on what class the player is. Non-Merchant class characters must purchase Black Market Purchase Shop Licenses while Merchant-types open stores via the skill Open Purchase Shop much like a normal shop is opened via using the Vending skill.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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Patches[edit | edit source]