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Player Versus Monster, or PVM, is a combat mode that allows players to fight monsters only, as opposed to PVP. (In other MMORPGs, this mode is known as Player Versus Environment or PVE.) Many different MMORPGs are PVM by default and servers labeled as normal servers are usually PVM. Although PVM servers have some PVP elements, those are usually restricted within the PVM environment.

In Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online II, the main focus of PVM servers are monster hunting and questing.

Monster Hunting[edit | edit source]

Monster hunting is most prevalent in both RO and RO2 as monsters in both games drop valuable items that are worth farming. In RO, monster hunting is actually much more efficient to level up as opposed to questing. Players will either stay in one area to hunt particular monsters or move to different areas to hunt stronger monsters to level up.

Monster hunting is viewed as an open-world method of leveling up as players have the ability to choose where and what to kill without being forced to follow the same path as everyone else. This method of leveling is championed by gamers who prefer to explore and experiment.

Questing[edit | edit source]

Although both RO and RO2 have quests, questing is much more dominant in RO2 than RO. That is because a majority of RO quests don't give much in terms of EXP and rewards compared to RO2 quests. Therefore, questing in RO2 is much more efficient for leveling compared to RO.

Some gamers despise questing as it causes many players to have the same experiences as others, degrading any variety in leveling paths. (Basically saying it's ridiculous to have a single-player RPG experience in a massive-multiplayer RPG.) As such, this method of leveling is utilized more by casual gamers and those new to the MMORPG genre since questing lets you experience the game without having to explore and experiment (which takes more time).

Patches[edit | edit source]