Quest:Adventurer's Companion

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Adventurer's Companion
RO AdventurersCompanionQuest.jpg
Inside the Criatura Academy.
Start Adept Adventurer
End Poring
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Izlude
Rewards Items, Experience
Previous Next
none none

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Learn how to tame a Little Poring using a Little Unripe Apple.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Do you need a pet?

Hmm, then let's go to the Academy Gardens together! I'll show you how it's done. Tell me when you are ready to go to the garden!"

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Unripe Apples are taming items. It will only work on the Little Porings hopping around. If you're going to make them a cute pet, you must take care of your Little Poring!


Even before that Ghostring came along, the Little Porings were kind of cowardly since they've never been out in the real world, sort of like norman Novices.

You're just starting out on your adventure, right? You will visit many towns and meet many people and encounter frightful boss monsters. Won't you consider taking one of these chaps with you? They're smeggin' talkative, but they'll be loyal friends! I'd say that Adept Adventurer knows lots of things about pets, so you can ask him about your new Little Poring friend.

By the way, you should get a portable egg incubator. It was dropped by a careless pet groomer traveling through. I will also give you the Little Poring's favorite Apple Juice, so make sure that it stays fed all the time!

Oi, Little Poring. I look forward to seeing you once you've explored Rune-Midgarts! Cheers mate."

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