Quest:Banishing Winter

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Banishing Winter
RO BanishingWinterQuest.jpg
In the midst of Temny Forest.
Baba Yaga the Horrible
Aleksay III
Prerequisites 40 Yaga's Pestle, 20 Grasshopper's Leg, 5 Spawn, 20 Wing of Red Bat, 10 Sticky Mucus, 10 Witch Starsand, 10 Fine Grit, 1 Detonator, 5 Red Blood, 10 Burning Heart, 1 1carat Diamond
Level 60+
Location Moskovia
Rewards Items
Previous Next
Find the Moving Island none

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Aid Baba Yaga the Horrible in banishing winter from Moskovia.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Who the hell are you? You want me to kick your ass?

No. Wait... You have our Yaga Pestles! You have so many of them...

Who, who are you?

Let me live, leave me alone, and don't come near me. Stop, I am hungry and scared.

-She is blabbing something weird.-

Yes, if you let me live, I will compensate you with a present. How about that?

[A present?]

Yes, if you let me live, I will give you the Yaga Pestles. Aren't you gathering them?

[I don't need them anymore.]

Kaaaaaaaaaaak! Please, let me live. I will do anything you want. Don't you need any cream for wounds or indigestion? They are a bit dirty, but very useful.


How about this? I bewitch this country so that winter will never come here again. I guess that people will like it and I'm sure the Tsar will award you for it.

Ah? You seem interested... ya? What do you think about that?

[Good, but I think you're lying.]

You can trust me. It is so complicated that I cannot perform it on my own. I am not a liar.

But, the problem is... I am not able to get the materials necessary because I don't feel good. So, if you give me a hand, I can use the magic that stops winter from returning. Will you help me?

[Ok, I will.]

Ah, do you accept? Thank you. Well, I thank you for your kindness. Let's work together and make my Secret Medicine.

Let me see... Ah... It is not used often. I don't remember where it is. Could you please come back later?"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You must have 40 Yaga's Pestles in your inventory in order to start the quest.
    • Players who have 40 Yaga's Pestles but do not meet the level requirement will not be able to continue, but Baba Yaga will take the Pestles anyway.
  • Selecting "Are you sure?" will also require 10 Sticky Mucus; the other option will not.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Are you here for...

I already heard about the weather from the minister. Actually, I was a little dissatisfied with the doing of witchcraft at the center of the square... But... I can admit it was good work. Everyone hates the cold winter. Now, the winter will not come anymore! So, I'm very pleased.

Right. I want to give you something in the name of the people.

Here, take it. I give it as atonement to make my people happy. Stay here as long as you want and enjoy yourself to the fullest this summer!"

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