Quest:Consolidating Heavy Debt

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Consolidating Heavy Debt
RO ConsolidatingHeavyDebtQuest.jpg
Near the mountain in Comodo.
Prerequisites 20 Rusty Screw, 10 Iron Ore, 5 Steel, 2 Ruby, 5 Red Gemstone
Level 60
Location Comodo
Rewards Items
Previous Next
none Stolen Diamond

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Help Muff find his Debt Note so he can pay back a loan.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"What th-?! Geez, you didn't have to scare me like that! What is it that you want?"

[You look troubled.]

"Well, I'm actually in pretty big trouble. I borrowed some money from this loan shark named Belder in Alberta. It was a bad move!

My business hasn't been good, but I felt like I didn't have a choice. I made enough money to repay him now, but then I lost my bond of debt. When I asked Belder if I could pay him back without that bond, he insisted that he didn't remember loaning money to me. I bet he just wants to keep my collateral! I knew that guy was shady!

Would you help me find my lost bond of debt? You see, the collateral I gave him is really valuable to me."

[Do you know where you lost it?]

"If I knew where I lost it, then it wouldn't be lost now, would it?

Well, I remember going to a union meeting and I had a drink or two. Okay, I had a lot. On the way home, I stumbled in a field near Comodo... I remember seeing some water... That must be where I dropped my wallet with the bond of debt.

If you can find my wallet, I'll make sure to repay you. Please help me if you can!"

Notes[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"You're back! So how did it go? I was getting pretty anxious.. So did Dorian's Magic Dryer work?

Oh! It worked much better than expected! Belder can't complain now! Haha! You've done well, my friend.

Here, please take these as a meager reward for you help.

Now that I have my bond of debt, I should get my jewel back from Belder. He won't have any excuse to keep my treasure now!"

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