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Quest:Create Elemental Converter

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Create Elemental Converter
RO SageSkillsQuest.jpg
Inside the Sage Academy.
Start Mishuna
End Mishuna
Prerequisites Must be a Sage with Lv. 1 of each Endow skill, 10 Scorpion Tails, 12 Rainbow Shells, 7 Horns, 10 Snail Shells, 4 Blank Scrolls
Level none
Location Juno
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none Elemental Change

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Learn how to use Create Elemental Converter from Mishuna.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Good day. I'm Mishuna, one of the instructors here in the Schweicherbil Magic Academy. How may I be of service?"

[I seek new knowledge.]

"Ah, you must be <name>. I've looked forward to meeting you. In the noble pursuit of knowledge, might I suggest reading the recently restored scrolls of Sir Varmundt? Sir Varmundt's scrolls contain knowledge about the four elements, which are fire, water, earth, and wind. The knowledge of these scrolls can be applied in the use of two new Sage skills. The first is called Elemental Change, which enables you to change a monster's attribute according to the specific element of the Elemental Change skill that you have learned. The second is called Create Elemental Converter, which enables you to create converter items that are required to use the Elemental Change skill. Although the knowledge of these two skills have been lost for years, we're finally able to recover most of it.

So, do you think you're ready to learn these skills?"

[Yes, I am.]

"Very well, then. First you must learn the Create Elemental Converter skill, which is essential to learning the Elemental Change skill. Please bring the required materials so that we can construct a basic elemental converter in order for you to learn the skill.

Let's see, you will need to bring... 7 Horns, 12 Rainbow Shells, 10 Snail's Shells, 4 Blank Scrolls, and 10 Scorpion Tails.

Alright, I shall be waiting here for your return. Remember that we need these items to create a converter so that you can learn the skill from my example."

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Great, you brought everything. Now, let me explain the skill. The skills you learn as a Sage determine what kind of elemental converters you can craft. The Endow Blaze skill enables you to create Fire Elemental Converters. The Endow Quake skill enables the creation of Earth Elemental Converters. Endow Tornado enables the creation of Wind Elemental Converters, and Endow Tsunami enables the creation of Water Elemental Converters. That all makes sense, right?

Now, your elemental converter creation success rate depends on the level of the Endow Blaze, Endow Quake, Endow Tornado, or Endow Tsunami skills, and your abilities.

Now, please take this copy of Varmundt's scroll and use it as a reference when you try to craft elemental converters by using the Create Elemental Converter skill."

You have learned the Create Elemental Converter skill by reviewing your copy of Varmundt's scroll.

"Wow, <name>! You learned that skill really quickly! No wonder people say that you're one of the best Sages around!

Now you're ready to learn teh other skill, Elemental Change. Alright, I need to prepare a few things for this lesson, so we'll meet and discuss this later, okay?"

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