Quest:Gaebolg Family Curse

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Gaebolg Family Curse
RO GaebolgFamilyCurseQuest.jpg
A street corner in Prontera
Busy-Looking Boy

Bonnie Imbullea
Prerequisites 1 Green Potion, 1 Yellow Gemstone, 1000 Zeny
Level 60
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience
Previous Next
none Nameless Island Entry

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Help the Busy-Looking Boy deliver books to Historian Karlomoff in Juno and then assist the historian in the boy's stead.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Hey, look out! Can't you be more careful?! Geeeeez!

[Oops, I'm so sorry. Are you allright?]

Yeah, no thanks to you! Oh... Don't worry, I'm fine.

[Help him pile the books.]

Huh...? Oh, thanks for helping me out here. I really appreciate it.

[Are these all yours?]

These? Oh, I'm supposed to deliver these for my job. I need to take these to Juno from the Prontera Library for a client. However, um... well... I get motion sick really easily, so it scares me to death to ride the Airship all the way to Juno. Now I'm in trouble! I'm never late, but this time I just can't help it. There's nothing I can do! Oh, I'm gonna lose this job!

Wait... You adventurers do a lot of traveling, right? If you're traveling to Juno, would you please deliver this for me? I'll be in real trouble if I don't send these books...

[Help him.]

Oh, thank you so much! You don't understand how much I dread those airships. Now, would you please deliver these books to Mr. Karlomoff near the Juno Library? I know these books are pretty heavy, but be really careful with them! Anyway, thanks for doing this for me. I was really at my wit's end...

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • One of the endings is currently bugged in that it will not summon the agent on the international airship, which is required to begin the Nameless Island Entry quest. More investigation is need to narrow down which ending is affected.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 180,000 Base EXP
  • 90,000 Job EXP

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Oh, you've returned. Have you met with Mondo and figured out the lyrics of the song I was looking for?"

[The great serpent swallowed the sea.
The eagle of the rainbow swallowed the serpent.
Then snake scales grew on the eagle and it slowly died.]

"Oh, yes! Yes, that was it! Now I remember, thank you so much! Ah, back to work..."

As a historian, Rodafrian might be able to help me in investigating the curse of the Gaebolgs. The priests told me not to tell anybody, though. Should I take the risk?

[Don't tell her.]

"Oh, let me thank you once again for going through the trouble of getting that lyric for me~ I put my assistant through enough trouble already...

I also better not forget to go through Karlomoff's report. I'll have to have a debate with him sooner or later and I really want to put that guy in his place!"

Rodafrian seemed very happy and began to read through Karlomoff's report. For now, it would be best to return to Father Bamph.

"By your grace and mercy, please pity the poor souls and protect the royal family... Bless us with your light and may your wisdom guide us..."

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