Quest:Dewata Legend

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Dewata Legend
RO DewataLegendQuest.jpg
Inside the Jaty Village.
Start invisible trigger
Prerequisites 15 Cendrawasih Feathers
Level 60
Location Dewata
Rewards Items, Dungeon Access
Previous Next
none Delivery of Good News
Traditional Weapon

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Help Tribal Chief Paiko create the Jaty Crown.

Summary[edit | edit source]

You hear a faint conversation going on inside.

Tribal Chief Paiko: Once again, I have failed to make the Jaty Crown... I was sure that I could do it this time. Why won't it work?

Sage Kasyapa: The Jaty Crown has been known to have miraculous power since the time of the ancients. But it's been said only those who've earned a tribal honor would be able to use it.

Tribal Chief Paiko: Kasyapa!! Are you saying that even though I am the leader of our tribe, I have not yet received that honor?

Sage Kasyapa: Calm down, Chief Paiko... As the great and powerful chief, you should be more than enough to qualify. In my younger years, I could have easily solved the problem, but this old man's mind cannot figure out what is missing.

The conversation trails off and you don't hear anymore.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Please be aware that monsters in the Dewata fields are in the 75 - 85 level range, despite the unreasonably low level requirement for the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"There is something I wish to give to you as a reward for your help. Please, it would honor us if you would take it.

The reason I asked you to embark on this important mission is because of this feather. Handed down from generation to generation, the legendary origin of the crown is this feather. I saw this feather begin to shine when you came here. I knew you were a person who would endeavor to help us. On behalf of my people, I give my thanks.

Also, the feather you received isn't just valuable on its own. It also is an acknowledgement from our tribe. Like Krakatau Volcano, when you venture into dangerous areas like that, if you display this feather, you can get help from the tribe.

Anyway, I really thank you."

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