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RO GeffenBlacksmithWorkshop.jpg
Near the Blacksmith Workshop.
Start Goodman
End Goodman
Prerequisites Must be a Blacksmith
Level none
Location Geffen
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
Unfair Trick none

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Learn how to use Greed from Goodman.

Summary[edit | edit source]


I'm a Blacksmith skill master sent from the Blacksmith Guild. Everyone calls me Goodman. You're a Blacksmith, aren't you?

Pffft, rhetorical question.

Good news. I'm in charge of teaching the skill called Greed, which was developed by the Blacksmith and Merchant guilds. It's your choice whether you want to learn it or not, but I recommend that you do.

If you want, I can start teaching the Greed skill right now. So what do you say, kid?"

[Sounds good!]

"Heh, good choice!

Now, the Greed skill automatically picks up all of the caster's items in a 5x5 cell area around the caster. It's handy for taking all of your items from the ground.

First things first, I need to test you and see if you're qualified to learn this skill. Go fill your inventory with any items until it's so full, you can't put an item of 500 weight in it. When you finish that task, come back and talk to me.

Alright then, good luck."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Learning the skill Greed while wearing an Adventurer's Backpack will cause you to fail to learn the skill but complete the quest anyway. The only way to learn Greed if this happens is to send a ticket to support.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Progress[edit | edit source]

"Hmm, you've come back too early. And you didn't complete the objective that I set for you.

Listen carefully. Go fill your inventory with any items until it becomes too fully to place an item of 500 weight into it. When you finish this task, come back and report to me."

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Back already, eh?

Alright, let me check the things you're carrying. Let's see... Inventory, inventory...

Good work. You pass. Do you realize now that the time and experience in gathering these items are worth more than their prices in Zeny? I believe that Blacksmiths should first and foremost be artisans. Being rich and famous is merely a side effect of that. Honorable Blacksmiths know value is in the craftsmanship.

The skill you learned is called Greed, but I hope you use in a manner that is different from its name. Don't forget that and I hope you craft true masterpieces."

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