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Guillotine Cross Job Change
Inside the Assassin pub in Morocc.
Start ??
End Berkessel
Prerequisites Must be an Assassin or Assassin Cross
Level Job Level 10
Location Morocc
Rewards Job Change
Previous Next
Assassin Job Change
Assassin Cross Job Change

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Advance from an Assassin or Assassin Cross to a Guillotine Cross.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Finally, it's time to.... Hey, What is your name?"


"Got it. I'll remember your name. A master told me that you are a person with ability.

My duty is delivering a guild message to all capable assassins. I think that you are suitable to perform the guild's duty. So, would you do this duty for us? Of course, I'm going to offer a reward for completing your task."

[What is the request?]

"Its unclear. I told you. It's a special task. The only thing I know is the condition to bring a person with the master's ability. First, one who has patience. Second, one who is quiet. Third, one who is focused. What do you think? This requires a person who can perform a task irrespective of their own will. It's necessary to keep this request secret. Do not tell anyone. This is all your choice. Will you help us with this request?"

[I'll do it.]

"Ok, go to the Assassin Guild branch in Veins. I'll contact them. This is your first task. You should be able to find it easily. Go now."

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"I'm so tired... You were sent by Mayshell? Tell me why you came to see me."

[I want to be a Guillotine Cross.]

"You don't regret? Guillotine Cross is an enforcer. A living offensive weapon.. ...called? Who is an assassin's natural enemy? Swordsman? Priest? Wizard? Things of evil in great abundance? No, an assassin's natural enemy is an assassin. The most threatening thing to us is us. In the darkness of the guild, in the shadows we are the Guillotine Crosses. We maintain the law and order within the Assassin Guild. Sometimes we set examples for our peers, sometimes we aim swords at our member's necks in the name of the Guild. We are the Guillotine Cross the sword of the Assassin Guild. So we have the skill to find members who are in the darkness and you are being way too pushy. We have highly advanced combat skills. You can become a living offensive weapon. Do you really want to become a Guillotine Cross?"

[Yes, change my job.]

"Is your decision final? Good. Now you are an assassin but you are not assassin anymore. You are in the shadows but it's different from the other shadows. Your enemy is everything you can see. Don't forget yourself. A weight of the blood on your weapons. Ok, change your clothes to your new uniform. You are now a Guillotine Cross. A sword of the shadow...

And... A mask and a ring, these are presents to celebrate your becoming a Guillotine Cross."

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Patches[edit | edit source]

  • Patch (2016 Feb. 03)
    • Fixed an error with the [Guillotine Job Change] quest where, under certain conditions, the game would not allow players to access the building.