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Quest:Invitation to the Royal Banquet

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Invitation to the Royal Banquet
RO InvitationToTheRoyalBanquetQuest.jpg
Visit a town to run into the Errand Boy.
Errand Boy
Bell Twilight
Prerequisites none
Level 100
Location Prontera, Izlude, Payon, Alberta, Geffen, Morocc, Comodo, Aldebaran, Juno
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Onward to the Other World Participating in the Banquet
Investigate the Walter Family
The Gaebolgs
The Royal Richards
To Jurgen
To Wolfe
Call of the Royal Head Chef

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Get your invitation from a royal errand boy.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"I am looking for the hero who returned from the expedition... Wait! You must be... <name>, I have something to tell you!

Oh, wait. You are... <name>, right? Let's see...

I am right. You look exactly the same as the montage from the guild. Ha ha ha! My eyes are doing what they are supposed to do now, I guess. It is difficult to find freelance adventurers that don't belong to the military. It was very difficult to find you since you're not tied down to any one place."

[May I help you?]

"Help? Sure thing!

There is a banquet taking place in celebration of Morocc's subjugation. An invitation has been issued for you, but it was just impossible to meet you. I'm sure the errand boys of the city must be searching with a portrait of you.

Hey, since we don't have enough time, please take this invitation. You must attend the banquet. Do you understand? You've been invited as a special guest. The people in the palace will fill you in on the details. I am just a messenger after all. Although the banquet will be held for quite a while, don't take too much time to get there. Make sure to bring the invitation with you. Don't forget!

Why don't you go now? I can teleport you there now if you want."

[I'll go on my own.]

"You can visit the Prontera palace and show the invitation to the guard at the gate, or a servant in charge of the banquet. Since I have delivered the invitation to you, I shall wait for the next one. I hope you have a good time there, dear hero."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you change your mind about getting the free Teleport to the castle, you can talk to the Errand Boy again and ask him to send you to the banquet hall.
  • If you lose your Banquet Invitation, you can talk to the Errand Boy to get another one.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Oh, you're back. The assembly seems to have taken quite some time. Since you have time to spare, why don't you go enjoy the banquet in the Banquet Hall. The ladies of the Nerius family have just asked to see you there. You must have made a good impression, <name>. When the time comes, the Court Mage will come to guide you. You may enjoy the banquet in the meantime.

And this is a reward which has been sent to you as a token of gratitude... You can collect them and exchange them for useful items. You may get more in return for your help around the palace. There must be someone near the Crusader's Office who will exchange them. If you have some time, pay him a visit."

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