Quest:Participating in the Banquet

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Participating in the Banquet
RO ParticipatingInTheBanquetQuest.jpg
Start invisible trigger
Kronecker G. Heine
Prerequisites none
Level 100
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Invitation to the Royal Banquet To the Past
Restricted Sector

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Partake in the banquet as you wait for the Royal Assembly to begin.

Summary[edit | edit source]

I hear voices from somewhere.

Voice 1: "The story you just told me must be true, right?"

Voice 2: "Sure. It will meet the condition you are looking for just right."

Voice 1: "Hm..."

Voice 2: "He is also heir to the throne. You will get the information you want."

Voice 1: "They must be no mistake in the arrangement. He must be called here without doubt."

Voice 2: "It has all been prepared... However, let me tell you the details later. It is time for you to join the banquet."

Voice 1: "Right. I'll see you later. Don't you dare disappoint me."

Voice 2: "What a bossy pants..."

I happen to eavesdrop on a fishy conversation.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

Kronecker: "I have been waiting for you. Although I feel reluctant to reveal the somewhat embarassing part of the royal family to you, it was the royal family of Rune-Midgarts that let you observe the ritual anyway. And you were the one who fought the intruders during the incident... Without preamble, those intruders must have been after the piece of Ymir's Heart. We didn't knowk what was in the Room of Consciousness was a fake piece of Ymir's Heart. We searched through the records of the Royal Family Past Memories for the record of that period. We couldn't find any. The only lead we got was a riddle."

[You mean, the ones who know the truth?]

Kronecker: "You must have seen it in the Royal Family Past Memories. You are more cunning than I have thought. What should we do to find out the truth? We would have to go back in time to the past.

Friedrich, how did it go?"

Friedrich: "I found a court mage who specialized in that field. He said that he sensed a huge twist of magical force in the Royal Family Past Memories, and we could depend on him. He will bring the results soon. He said he would connect the dimensional crack by force. He acts rather imprudently, but he is said to be quite skilled... And you know him."

[Is he Nillem?]

Friedrich: "You seem to know him, too. You're right. I want you to pair up with Nillem for this mission."

[Me? Why?]

Friedrich: "I'd like to know that myself. That Nillem pestered me to let him work with you... I tried my best not to slay him.

The Royal Family Past Memories is a special place, which can be accessed by the royal families and few other people. We cannot risk getting more people involved in this if we want to keep this secret. Since you have already experienced the dimensional crack... We didn't have any other choice. We will reward you handsomely. Please help us out."

[If you say so...]

Kronecker: "Then, it's settled. We will send Nillem to your room as soon as he is ready. You may pair up with him for the mission. And this is what has been given to the ones who contributed to the royal family. You received it once when you went down there right after you came to the palace. Do you remember? It must be useful to people like you. I hope it helps."

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