Quest:Peace for Arunafeltz

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Peace for Arunafeltz
RO PeaceForArunafeltzQuest.jpg
Near the Morocc Ruins.
Foreign Merchant
Prerequisites 1 Sardonyx
Level 60
Location Morocc
Rewards Experience, Item
Previous Next
Thor's Volcano Base none

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Help the Foreign Merchant find a good place to drink.

Summary[edit | edit source]

(pant, pant) "Man, I think I'm going to die from all this heat!

I never thought the desert would be this hot! They built a town here?! How can they call this place inhabitable! What's more, the crowds make things around here so much hotter! I heard that I could make a killing in Morocc, which is why I moved my business here. But it looks like the weather is going to kill me first!"

[How did you hear of Morocc?]

"I... I just told you. I heard that Morocc is full of customers willing to buy things at premium prices. Ugh, but it's ruined and scorching! I don't even care about making money anymore! I just want to be somewhere cool drinking a nice, frosty drink! You know, I might just leave this town tomorrow. Forget this desert!

Ah, that's right. Don't they sell some sweet, heavenly drink around here? You know, the oasis around here. Before I leave, I want to taste that drink."

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 250,000 Base EXP

Completion[edit | edit source]

"I'm glad that everything turned out great. Your help was truly a blessing. Although Schwarzwald will continue their plans without us, we've slowed them down. Yes, without our support, Schwarzwald won't have any excuse to continue their dangerous research for a little while, at least. Thor's Volcano camp should close down soon, now that we no longer have any use for it.

I also underestimated our pope. She is more dignified and willed than I believed. I owe her my apologies. We won't give up on reviving our goddess Freyja, but we will retrieve Ymir's Heart through diplomacy rather than violence. It won't be easy...

You've been instrumental in returning peace here in Arunafeltz. I've even been reinstated and will be very busy from now on, working closely with the pope... I know that the life of adventuring beckons you. I know she'd like to see you before you leave, but she's sleeping deeply after that exhausting speech...

On behalf of our pope and all the citizens of Arunafeltz, I'd like to thank you for your heroism. Your place in Valhalla is already assured, I'm sure."

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