Quest:Regarding the Thief Job

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Regarding the Thief Job
RO RegardingTheThiefJobQuest.jpg
Inside the Criatura Academy.
Start Guest Lecturer Mayssel
End Guest Lecturer Mayssel
Prerequisites Must be a Novice
Level none
Location Izlude
Rewards Items, Experience
Previous Next
Registration at the Academy Using the Thief Manual

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Talk to Mayssel to learn about the Thief job tree.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Lumin: "... then."

Mayssel: "I see, Lu. Make it as you will."

[Uh, hi...]

Mayssel: "I am sorry... Are you a student of Criatura Academy? I didn't mean to ignore you. He is also one of the students in this class.

Hello, <name>. I am Mayssel, chief of the Veins branch of the Assassin Guild. I came here to give you some information about the Thief class. Do you want to know about the Thief class?"

[Yes, please.]

"Well, a thief is commonly thought of as a criminal. But our guild is not about taking from those that are in need.

First, we should make it clear. We don't steal others' belongings."

Lumin: "How about monsters?"

Mayssel: "Now monsters..."

Berkessel: "Hey, take it easy. You said this was a mission for something important. But in a place like this..."

Mayssel: "I'm not bothered...

Let me continue. A thief uses techniques that common thieves use to be fast and nimble. We use stealth to blend in to our surroundings and strike our foes. Our primary weapon is a dagger and we compensate their attack strength by adding poison to our attacks. The higher class jobs in the Thief class are Assassin and Rogue. Berkessel is a Guillotine Cross, which is the third rank of the Assassin job. And...

Mr. Vincente... I can't explain..."

Vicente: "Ah, that is... Mayssel... As you know well, chief, I can better explain Rogues to the student."

Mayssel: "I see... <name>, sorry, but you can learn about the Shadow Chaser class from him? These two gentlemen will help you. Come back to me after speaking to Berkessel and Vicente."

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Have you learned something about Thief, Assassin, and Rogue? You don't need to understand everything right now. I'm just here to help you learn about the two.

Then, let's talk about the Thief's skills. I will give you the guide that'll allow you to temporarily borrow thief skills. Once you equip the guide, you can see the skills on the skill window under the ETC tab. By making use of the guide, you may take missions given out by Berkessel and Vicente."

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