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Shadow Chaser Job Change
Somewhere in Morocc.
Start ??
End Dumk
Prerequisites Must be a Rogue or Chaser
Level Job Level 40-70
Location Morocc
Rewards Job Change
Previous Next
Rogue Job Change
Chaser Job Change

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Advance from a Rogue or Chaser to a Shadow Chaser.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Hey? Stop! Aren't you interested in hearing a funny story?"

[What story?]

"Have you been back to the Guild recently? Some interesting things have happened lately. Maybe new guests... I heard it has to do with something called a Shadow Chaser. You should go check it out.

Every time they visit us, they are on new missions. What missions are they doing I wonder?"

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

Dumk: "So, do you want me to keep talking about Shadow Chasers?"

[Change me to Shadow Chaser.]

"You decided! As your case, you can master the art of psychological warfare using paint! The art created is beautiful, but dangerous. We use paint as a medium for spells. We use that to harness the different emotions of people and exploit them when they're most vulnerable. For instance, this power could be used to create black holes to make your enemies vanish. So if you want to have that power, then you must have artistry. You have to be a trendsetter when it comes to fashion! The ability to understand art! You should have everything.

You performed your duties diligently and found the brush. So you are qualified to be a Shadow Chaser.

Congratulations. Welcome to your new life. It's a fashionable uniform. It uses patterns of leopard and feathers. The fashion world will be shocked. This shadow peacock, I designed myself. It's too hard to create something that absorbs my art sense. Then about this part..."

Dumk keeps talking about fashion, art sense, paint, and feeling. He's obviously in his own world.

[About this brush...]

Vicente: "Ah, I'll explain. We need tools for painting. That makeover brush is used for face painting. You can get paint from here in the workshop. The paintbrush is used for painting big spaces. You can get that paint from the workshop, too.

Don't remember the location of the shadow workshops? Juno, Prontera, Rael, and here in Lighthalzen. if you need paint, go to an assistant. If you don't have any tool, you can use skill-reliant paints.


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