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Quest:Soul Linker Job Change

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Soul Linker Job Change
RO SoulLinkerJobChangeQuest.jpg
A bar in northwestern Morocc.
Kid (Maia)
Kid (Maia)
Prerequisites Must be a Taekwon, 1 3-Carat Diamond, 1 Immortal Heart, 1 Witherless Rose
Level Job Level 40-50
Location Morocc
Rewards Job change to Soul Linker
Previous Next
Taekwon Job Change none

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Advance from a Taekwon to a Soul Linker.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"... Hey, you."

<name>: "Did you call me?"

"Yeah, I called you. Now don't make me raise my voice and just get over here."

[You're awfully rude for a kid!]

"You're lucky I'm taking an interest in you! I might look like a kid, but I'm over 300 years old!

Now listen... I know that you're a disciple of Taekwondo. It's a respectable art, but I've got a proposition for you if you want to hear it.

I'm looking at you and I can already tell that you're very spiritually inclined. You've got a lot of potential I don't wanna see get wasted. Why don't you become a Soul Linker?"

[Soul Linker?]

"Soul Linkers communicate with spirits of fallen warriors that still wish to fight in the world of the living. Now, these warrior spirits can't fight as themselves in our world. However, since you're spiritually inclined, these spirits are attracted to you. With enough training, you can temporarily imbue the power of these spirits to your allies.

Now, you can't imbue yourself with the spirits' power. Also, depending on your skills as a Soul Linker, you can only endow others of certain job classes with enhanced power. You'll have to enter a wholly different world to become a Soul Linker, but I know it'll be possible for you. So what do you say?"

[Alright. What do I have to do?]

"So you want to become a Soul Linker? Great!

Alright, first I need you to bring back a few items. Don't worry, I'll explain why you need them later.

Now bring me 1 3-Carat Diamond, 1 Immortal Heart, and 1 Witherless Rose. And try not to make me wait too long, alright?"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When you are taken to another world, you have 3 minutes to do that portion of the quest. Once time runs out, you'll be kicked back to Morroc.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

"I wish the best of luck in your new life. Surround yourself with allies and the spirits will be able to protect you and help you fight in your battles.

Farewell for now, friend."

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