Quest:Super Novice Job Change

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Super Novice Job Change
RO SuperNoviceJobQuest.jpg
Inside the Great Novice Society HQ.
Start Tzerero
End Tzerero
Prerequisites 30 Resin, 30 Sticky Mucus
Level Base Level 45
Job Level 10
Location Aldebaran
Rewards Job Change
Previous Next
none Unlocking the Ultimate Mediocrity

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Advance from a Novice to a Super Novice.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"... Hmm?

Stop. Let me look at you.


I see that the light of mediocrity shines brightly within you. Why don't you join us, young Novice? Join us and learn the subtle greatness of being mediocre. Accept my offer. Cast off those brown, dusty garments and bloom into...

A Super Novice."

[Accept his offer.]

"I can see in your eyes the determination to live life simply. Only the truly wise can see that being ordinary and banal is the best way to live life. However, we do not welcome just anyone into our society. You must first pass our qualification test. For this test, you must bring me some items which are dropped from normal, unexceptional monsters.

Hmm... 30 Sticky Mucus and 30 Resin will be suitable to test your ability to fight meager enemies. Also, the number 30 is significant. It's not anything special, just an ordinary number. Ha ha ha ha ha...

Good luck, my friend."

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In Progress[edit | edit source]

"Huh? Did you forget what I wanted from you?

Okay, I will let you know once again. Please remember this time.

I asked you to bring me 30 Sticky Mucus and 30 Resin."

Completion[edit | edit source]

"Ah, you've brought the items I've requested! You've proven yourself worthy of joining our Super Novice Society.

Then, as promised, I will change your job into a Super Novi—Huh? What's that behind you?"


You look behind you, but... there's nothing there. Something fishy is going on here!

"Bwah ha! I got you!

So... how do you like my joke?

Oh well, let's forget that... As well as any possible reason a grown man such as myself would carry around a pair of Panties. The important thing is... you have joined the esteemed ranks of the great Super Novices. Consider these Panties a gift. This very garment is rumored to be worn by Mister Kimu Shaun, our legendary club founder, in his early days striving for exemplary mediocrity.

Go out, and enjoy your new life as a Super Novice! Venture forth and help the common man, while being one at the same time!"

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