Quest:To Wolfe

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To Wolfe
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Not a bad crowd.
Maximilian Lugenburg
Maximilian Lugenburg
Prerequisites 12 Soft Silk
Level 100
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Invitation to the Royal Banquet Jewel and Cloth

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Learn about the Lugenburg family by talking to Wolfe Lugenburg.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Maximilian: "Hello, adventurer. I am honored you have visited the Lugenburgs. I am Maximilian Lugenburg. We are one of the seven royal families that founded the kingdom and have worked hard for Rune-Midgarts. Helmut Lugenburg, the heir of our family, is supposed to participate in the Royal Assembly. How about seeing him?"

Helmut: "Hellow, I am Helmut Lugenburg."

<name>: "Hello, I was invited to this banquet. <name>, it's nice to see you."

Helmut: "I am honored to see the hero who defeated Morocc. Please enjoy your time while you are with the Lugenburgs. If you have time, how about seeing the rest of the people of Lugenburg. It will be helpful to listen to the story of the family from my brother Wolfe Lugenburg."

<name>: "Yes, it is a good opportunity, of course."

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In Progress[edit | edit source]

"Did you see the children of Lugenburg? They look like babies, but now when I see them in the palace, I am pleased that they are almost grown up.

You met Helmut already. It will be helpful to you if you meet the second son, Wolfe. He is in charge of all matters of Lugenburg instead of the first son, who is busy participating in the Royal Assembly and protection of the borders. You will hear lots of interesting stories."

Completion[edit | edit source]

Maximilian: "Dear adventurer, welcome."

Wolfe: "Dear adventurer, did you deliver the message to Myer? What did he say?"

<name>: "He said it's good that you have given up on war. He trusts you a lot. He said he would help you as much as he can, if you need his help."

Wolfe: "I want him to visit us more, then, to help me."

<name>: "Ah, he also said that he would return after the banquet is finished."

Wolfe: "Well, I am happy that our relationship will improve. Once we were the closest friends, but the relationship became awkward after he left the family. Anyway, I think we have to make preparations to welcome him back properly."

Maximilian: "I'm glad that everything is as it should be now. I have been worried a lot. All of this is thanks to you. I feel safe now that everyone is in their proper place and will work hard for the family and the country."

Wolfe: "Dear adventurer, thank you very much for helping my family. I have been thinking of how I can reward you for your contributions, but cannot find anything that is comparable to the magnitude of appreciation we have. However, at least to ease my mind, I have prepared a small present. Please take it. If you need help from the Lugenburgs, come to us anytime. The gate of Lugenburg is always opened to you."

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