Ragnarok: Angel Poring

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Ragnarök: Angel Poring
Developer(s) NEOCYON
Publisher(s) Gravity Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
Gravity Interactive (North America)
Gravity Europe SASU (Europe)
Distributor(s) iTunes Store
Platform(s) iOS
Release date(s) 2011 November 10 (Korea)[1]
2011 November 10 (North America)[2]
2012 July 12 (Europe)[3]
Genre(s) Puzzle

Ragnarök: Angel Poring (Korean:엔젤포링) is a video game for iOS smartphones that features the trademark Poring monsters of the Ragnarok franchise.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • A cute and easy-to-learn puzzle game
  • 70 levels with an increasing difficulty
  • A physical engine and sensor system that brings a new style of gameplay
  • Circle, clear or explode the Porings: there are many ways to play!
  • A 2-player battle mode to compete with your friends[4]

Media[edit | edit source]

Gravity Europe trailer featuring Angel Poring.

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