Ragnarok 2 Mobile: Rise of the Dimago

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Ragnarök 2 Mobile: Rise of the Dimago
The hardware and the software did not compute, if you know what I mean.
Developer(s) Gravity Co. Ltd.
Platform(s) Mobile phones
Genre(s) RPG

Ragnarök 2 Mobile: Rise of the Dimago is a cell phone game that delves into the backstory of the Dimago race and dives in to the plot of the original iteration of Ragnarok Online II, Gate of the World. Players take control of a character name Rafka who awakens after centuries of sleep. The game was planned to be launched in 2007, but it is unknown when it was shut down.[1]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Full 3D graphics
  • Ability to transform and summon

Story[edit | edit source]

At the very beginning of Midgard, evil giants called the Colossus reigned over the planet with an iron fist. Normans revered and despised them because of their cruelty as masters. Only one race was courageous enough to stand against the Colossus—the Dimago. Born between the unthinkable union of Colossus and Human, the Dimago was also hated by Midgardians. However, it was their sacrifice that made it possible for the Normans to eventually take control of Midgard once again. After the Colossus fell, the Dimago mysteriously vanished. Rumors spread around that they were all slumbering in an ancient and secret castle called the "Cradle".[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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