Ragnarok Clicker

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Ragnarok Clicker
Pretty much RO without the MMORPG part of the MMORPG.
Developer(s) Playsaurus
Publisher(s) Gravity Interactive (international)
Distributor(s) Steam, Google Play Store, iTunes Store
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS
Release date(s) 2016 August 03
Genre(s) Incremental game

Ragnarok Clicker is a computer game developed by Playsaurus in collaboration with Gravity Interactive. The game is basically a Ragnarök re-skin of Playsaurus's previous game, Clicker Heroes. It was originally released on Steam on 2016 August 3 and then ported to Android smartphones several months later on 2016 December 9. An iPhone port was finally released on 2017 January 11. The game was eventually shut down to be replaced by Ragnarok: Click H5.[1][2]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Click combat
  • Character leveling
  • Automated play

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Begin your journey with only your loyal Novice friend into the World of Ragnarok, and seeking out more party members to give you more skills and damage. Battle ever increasing challenges by assembling more party members and leveling them up with Zeny, gain special bonuses by capturing MVP cards for an edge to your unique playstyle.

Visit the beautiful vistas and terrifying dungeons of Ragnarok, face down monsters from the cute Porings to the terrifying MVP Bosses of the world. Progress to higher dungeon levels to prove your ability and patience while, recruiting and deploying mercenary helpers to bring in extra loot, and of course team up with your friends to form a guild to take on multiplayer guild challenges that await!

Play the game with your own style, either Idle or in active clicking mode or anything in between. Even after you reach extremely high dungeon levels you can restart your dungeon run with many of our items and MVP card benefits to try and reach ever higher and faster! Over 100 Monsters and and infinite dungeon levels to battle, join the adventure of a lifetime today![3]

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